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Answered Questions from GFL's November Twitter and FB Q&A

Yup, its that time of the month again.
This post is meant to compile all the answered questions in one place, for easy reference. I'll try to keep this as updated as I can
Ask questions on Twitter or Facebook
Today's TwitteFB Q&A is more or less over. If you missed it or have any unanswered questions, the Reddit Q&A's tomorrow. and the discord one on the 14th
Questions about dates (release dates, schedules, etc.)
Q: When will you guys release the name change bundle again?
A: I think you will need to wait for at least a month or two.
Q: When we will get Arctic Warfare?
A: For now, all I can tell is that it will be no later than February. Faeries are unlikely to be implemented before AW
Q: When will the Halloween and School gatcha costumes be added to black card exchange ?
A: Reading Club gacha will be added to Black Card Exchange when the next gacha comes out while Halloween gacha needs to wait for 2 more gachas. Basically every nth gacha will join Black Card Exchange when No. n+2 gacha is online.
Q: Will we have a wider variety of 2/3/5 Star AR T-Dolls incoming for the ENG version?
A: Yes, I think we can expect to have more 3-5 star AR T-Dolls in the future.
Q: When xm8 will be added into the production pool ?
A: I think you will have to wait for a while. She is unlikely to come out in the first half of next year.
Q: What is the costume gacha this month going to consist of?
A: We will announce it soon, so please let me stay silent for now.
Q: Will TMP come next month?
A: Unlikely
Q: When will we get ak12 and an94?
A: Not before the 4th major event Singularity.
Q: When will we get MDR, K5, and K2?
A: None of them is likely to come out before the second quarter of next year.
Q: In your calculations, when would we be able to catch up with CN server?
A: Our current plan is to reach the point where we are only 1 or 2 major events behind CN server, but this really depends. We may not be able to fully catch up, since we need time to do the translation, testing, adjustment and potential bug fix, but we won't fall behind too much.
Q: Any ETA for chapter 8 on the main story?
A: Story of Chapter 8 is related to the major event Arctic Warfare, so we are not going to see it before the event. Answer to a related question on chapter 9: Chapter 9 is likely to come out after the 3rd major event.
Q: DSR50 when?
A: Probably after 2 more major events.
Q: SPAS-12 when?
A: SPAS-12 will probably be in the next batch of SG T-Dolls.
Q: How long approximately until Ch.09 is released?
A: Probably after the 3rd major events, as the story of this chapter is related to the event.
Q: When will we get a new client? (CN got a new beta client recently)
A: We need to finish the new client first. Only after that can we begin to construct the new EN client.
Q: Will AEK 999 costume coming anytime soon?
A: At least not in this year.
Q: Are there any plans to rerelease the very first skin batch (the party dress one)? Since its also missing sr3-mp skin too
A: The bundle for SR-3MP will be released later, and there will probably be a rerun for this gacha in the future. (In a similar question, SR-3MP's costume was said to be coming probably next year)
Q: I see it in the loading screens and the like but when's the "Café" mode coming?
A: We should have it in this year.
Q: If you are planning to catch with the CN server, are we going to get some gachas ahead of their time? (i.e. seasonal gachas).
A: The chance is there. We are still discussing about this.
Q: Can we expect T-5000 to be added before the end of the year?
A: She may come out in this year.
Q: When are we getting M1014?
A: I don't think we are getting her before the second quarter of next year.
Q: When will RFB and her costume come out?
A: She may come out in December, but her costume will not.
Q: Any idea when steyr AUG comes out?
A: Probably in the first half of next year.
Q: Will we get G36 children skin for free like JP server?
A: Probably, though I cannot tell for sure
Q: Any plan for rescue event / 4&5* general rate-up at december?
A: Not any to my knowledge. The rescue event is likely to come in January.
Q: When will we get C-MS?
A: Not before the second half of 2019, can be later.
Q: Do you have any idea when AA-12 and K11 will be added?
A: Not anytime soon.
Q: Is it possible to get an estimate for when Ameli will be released?
A: Within this year or early 2019.
Q: When are we getting Tac-50?
A: I don't think it would be anytime soon.
Q: When we will get the next 1.5 exp event?
A: The next will probably be in early 2019.
Q: Is OTs-14 going to be available again soon?
A: She will probably become available again in Cube+(a rerun of Cube).
Q: How often will those 7 Day Frontline Supply events occur?
A: Only once, unless we update it again.
Q: Will Chapter 6 night be after fairy release?
A: It will probably come out before fairies.
Q: When will PZB-39 be added?
A: I'm afraid that it won't be any soon.
Q: Can youu add more regular t-dolls between events next time?
A: I think every batch of regular T-Dolls will consist of 5-6 T-Dolls. There may be times that we have more, but the general pace will not change much.
Q: With the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear collab announced, can we hope to see the huge DJMAX collab event in the near future?
A: Unlikely in the near future, but I think we may have it later.
Q: When will Digimind upgrade come?
A: Not before Singularity
Q: Are we gonna have the 5* pick soon?
A: I'm afraid that we are not getting it soon
Q: Will there be giveaways on December?
A: Christmas mail? Yes.
Q: Will there be children's day skins on EN?
A: There will be Children's Day costumes, though I cannot reveal the release date yet. (An answer to a related question stated that the Children's Day costumes should be coming next year)
Q: Will we get other server exclusive T-doll like how Japan have theirs and china?
A: If you are talking about exclusive T-Dolls in other server, I think we will get some of them in the future.
Q: When will G36's wedding costume be released?
A: Won't be anytime soon
Q: Will we ever get 2-for-1 deals on Oath Certificates like in the other servers?
A: Yes, I think we will have the deal in the future.
Q: How will the release schedule of non story related Digimind upgrades be like?
A: The schedule may not strictly follow the ones for older servers, but we are unlikely to have them all from day one.
Q: Can I expect an event that has a limited drop of Five-Seven this year?
A: Unlikely, should be in next year.
Q: Will Cube+ come by mid 2019?
A: Kind of, though it can come earlier.
Q: Any idea on the release of Saiga-12?
A: Probably in the first quarter of next year.
Q: When are we getting M590's (CNY) skin?
A: I don't think it would be any soon.
Gameplay Questions
Q: Will there ever be another opportunity to obtain SASS? i wasnt playing when she first came out but have been playing ever since.
A: The callback event is one way, but I assume that you are an active player, so the event is not for you. Still, she will probably become available again as limited drop in some events in the future.
Q: Will there be more development for Type 63? like a new costume or maybe a Digimind upgrade?
A: For now that costume is all we got for her. Digimind? Maybe, but that's not what I can talk about.
Q: Will there any live 2d costume that we can just buy, not by resupply?
A: As far as I know, there isn't any for now, though I cannot tell for sure if this will change in the future.
Q: In the anniv, can we select one dolls for free?
A: Probably.
Q: Will the dolls ever be able to interact with the dorm pets?
A: To my knowledge there is no such plans for now. Let's hope it will change in the future.
Q: Do you plan on translate and sub the rest of the lines the Dolls speak, to be available on the Index?
A: Unlikely. Those lines are not supposed to be visible.
Q: A lot of players complain about not having much to do and the game having too much time between each event or playable content being added, will we see any increase in the pacing of the game? if so how big? or is it going to continue like it has since launch?
A: We will see a generally faster pace in the future. I cannot reveal how big the increase will be but you can expect to see major events and contents release more frequently.
Q: Will the collaboration skins be able to be bought using gems later on?
A: Costumes from the GG & BB collab can only be bought with real money. The most expensive one should cost no more than $30
** Followup question: Will the future collab costumes be the same (buyable only with real money)?**
A: That depends. Some of them may be purchasable with gems, like those from DJMAX collab.
Q: Will you be re-releasing event specific dolls? (specifically Five-Seven)
A: Yes, they will probably become limited drop later.
Q: With the popularity of corpse dragging for leveling, will we ever be able to optionally resupply a single T-Doll instead of an entire echelon? It would be a greatly appreciated feature by the community, I think.
A: I'm afraid that this is unlikely to happen.
Q: How is it going the patch to fix the memory leak problems the game has after leaving it open for a long time?
A: We are making the new patch, but we still need more time.
Q: Will you guys considering to turning back the voice playback like the old one? I'm sorry to said this.. the overlapping voice update is annoying. Lot of my friends been turning off the game voice too since this update.
A: I will suggest a toggle in the next patch, since we are getting some similar reports recently.
Q: Will you ever implement real coop missions and more meaningful mini events like raids and seasonal missions with unique rewards?
A: I think we do have plans for more gameplay features, but I can't reveal much now.
Q: can we get a change for Support Echelons where they don't have the "Capture HQ" option during Night Battles?
A: Reasonable. Will suggest this to the devs.
Q: Can you add in notifications towards T-Doll and Equipment production upon completion?
A: It's up to the devs. Anyway I will let them know about this.
Q: How big is chance to got some costume on radiant collections?
A: Should be no different from normal gachas.
Q: Are there any plans for an EN exclusive unit?
A: Sorry but I can' really talk about this.
Q: In the collaboration event will we get the collaboration T-dolls through production, or via missions?
A: One of the event T-Doll will be the clear reward, while the other can be obtained as map drop or loot reward.
Q: I wanna know if we will have collaboration with other games? CoD and Metal Slug cones to mind...
A: We will have more collaborations in the future, though I cannot reveal any details now.
Q: Once the event concludes, there will be no other way to obtain the special Dolls Noel and Elphet, along with their respective outfits, correct?
A: Yes, both the T-Dolls and the event costumes will be unobtainable.
Q: I see garage and intelligence center in the dropdown for auxiliary rooms in the dorm, is there any info you can shed on what they will do or when they will be added to the game?
A: They are for the fire support units which will be implemented in the future.
Q: Is there in mind ways for users to obtain tokens more often? Grinding them takes quite some time and spending them them that fast does hurt a bit.
A: To my knowledge there won't be much change for this part.
Q: What, in your opinion, is the best possible production combination for normal and heavy production? I've been trying to get IWS and others but have hit the lowest of my luck in this game, any help?
A: I don't think it is suitable for us to reveal any recipes.
Q: Will there be a way to change your adjutant back to the default setting of "whoever is leading echelon 1"? I really liked that option but once I changed it I can't change it back. Even better would be an option that shows someone at random from your armory.
A: I think this has already been suggested to the devs. Let's hope there will be improvements later.
Q: Are there official formula for calculating battery from confort?
A: I'm afraid that I cannot reveal the formula for comfort.
Q: Can we get a feature to auto-retire t-dolls obtained in battle. Either by grade or type?
A: Don't know if it is possible, but I will suggest to the devs.
Q: Does specialized recipes exist for T-Dolls as well?
A: I think that would still be a question that I can't answer.
Misc Questions
Q: What happened on the CN server about the Valkyria Chronicles collab?
A: I can't answer this question
Q: Are we getting split screen support back?
A: For now it is disabled out of concern for stability, but I cannot tell for sure if it will be available again later. It really depends.
Q: Will you guys be doing any booths or appearances at upcoming or future Anime conventions/exhibitions?
A: We do have plans for conventions, but it will take some time to realize.
Q: Will there be any plan to sell GFL merchandise online in the global region?
A: Yes, we do have such plans, but we still need more time to do so.
Q: Is it possible to have a global server for en and jp similar to Granblue. Like single server that can toggle EN and JP languages? Also, is it OK to add subtitles on the battle phases?
A: For now I don't think we will have the toggle. The current UI has undergone many changes to have the English text fit into it, so the toggle means another set of UI and related picture assets, and the size of the game will be unacceptable.
Q: when is the top up bonus going come back? you know, like the bonus gems you get from the first purchase of that particular gem bundle?
A: It may get reset annually, though I cannot guarantee that this will be the same for EN server.
Q: Considering JP's current content pacing, will EN and JP will eventually run alongside in terms of contents and events? Or EN will keep its pace the way it is?
A: The EN server is following its own schedule, so the release of contents will not be synchronized in the two servers.
Q: English dubbed voices a possibility?
A: To my knowledge we do not have such plans for now.
Q: Since the game is more contents which the game size is getting bigger and heavier, have you considered the suggestion implementing the other option where you can download the game patch in SD card ?
A: I'm afraid that we do not have such plans for now.
Q: Are we getting the Honkai collab?
A: I don't think I'm allowed to talk about this.
Q: Any plans on releasing it on SEA?
A: Yes, we are considering release a global version next year.
Q: Will the official manga have a english version?
A: Can't tell for sure now.
Q: Not exclusive to Global but is there any possibility of a 'Dolls not yet collected' filter being added to the index?
A: Sounds reasonable. Will suggest this to the devs.
Q: Will there ever be a co-op mode/guild implemented into the game? I have multiple ideas of how it COULD be implemented if yall wanted to make it happen, but am curious on what yall have to say about these thoughts.
A: For now there is no such plans, but there is a chance that more interactive elements being added to the game.
Q: Will you fix the misplaced display for some characters? (DP28 for example)
A: Yes, we need more time to do a thorough check as the problem happens in multiple servers.
Q: About the game size which getting bigger for every update (3.5 GB rn), do you have any solution for players who have memories problem?
A: I'm afraid that for now we cannot significantly reduce the size of the game as the picture and sound assets take up much space.
Q: Are you satisfied about the community and how you've done with the game since the launch of the EN game?
A: I think we have done an okay job, but there are also improvements we can make in the future. Also, I think our community is really nice.
Q: Will we ever get a 4* pick ticket?
A: Yes, I think we will have one at some point.
Q: Why is maintenance on a Tuesday?
A: No specific reasons. We just picked a day. In another related question, this was the answer: It doesn't have to be on Tuesday, but this suits our working schedule best.
Q: What is third-party on payment methode? I see it on announcements but never know what is it
A: Like someone who claims that they can buy you gems.
Q: So if the SEA server is open, will there be any option to migrate ID there?
A: Still under discussion
Q: Will the music from the Girls' Frontline Orchestra event be released anywhere?
A: Honestly I don't know much about this either.
Q: Do you accept bitcoin as valid payment?
A: We accept any payment approved by Apple/Google.
Q: Any chance Tuesday maintenance can start 5 minutes after daily reset so we can have some time to use simulation points?
A: Sounds interesting. I will talk about this with the team.
Q: Will there ever be doll or equipment trading?
A: To my knowledge there isn't going to be any in the near future.
Q: Will the costume bundles get a rerun in the future?
A: I'm afraid that there won't be any for costume bundles.
Q: Any easier way to top up gems? Google play bit difficult for me
A: Unlikely, it is prohibited to add any payment option other than the direct Google top-up.
Q: Will you try to make to adversite the game more to get more people to play it , or do u think the game it's fine with the current playerbase it has?
A: We will probably have an advertising campaign upon the release of the collaboration.
Q: Would it be possible to enable us to move the game to an sd card? The game is getting big and I'd like to save space on my internal memory
A: I'm sorry but we do not have such plans for now.
Fluff Questions
Q: Why is SOPMOD so damn cute?
A: Because she was born to be so?
Q: Is Kar-98k your favourite t-doll, why?
A: She is one of my favorite. I like the way she looks and I'm a big fan of rifles.
Q: Which dolls would you : - pat, - oath, and - corpsedrag?
A: Zas Zas Zas
Q: How long will it take before M99 comes home?
A: When you see the 04:55:00 timer?
Q: What's in an GFL MRE ration?
A: Just normal MRE.
Q: What species is G41?
A: That's probably one of the biggest mystery in the game.
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Decred Journal – July 2018

Note: you can read this on Medium, GitHub or old Reddit to view all the links


dcrd: Several steps towards multipeer downloads completed: an optimization to use in-memory block index and a new 1337 chain view. Maintenance: improved test coverage, upgrading dependency management system and preparing for the upcoming Go 1.11 release.
dcrwallet: A big change introducing optional privacy-preserving SPV sync mode was merged. In this mode dcrwallet does not download the full blockchain but only gets the "filters", uses them to determine which blocks it needs and fetches them from random nodes on the network. This has on-disk footprint of 300-400 MB and sync time of minutes, compared to ~3.4 GB and sync time of hours for full sync (these are rough estimates).
jy-p: the server side of SPV (in dcrd) was deployed in v1.2.0, the client side of SPV (in dcrwallet) is in our next release, v1.3.0. Still some minor bugs in SPV that are being worked out. There will be an update to add the latest features from BIP 157/158 in the next few months. SPV will be optional in v1.3.0, but it will become the default after we get a proper header commitment for it (#general)
Decrediton: besides regular bugfixes and design improvements, several components are being developed in parallel like SPV mode, Politeia integration and Trezor support.
Politeia: testing started on mainnet, thanks to everyone who is participating. A lot of testing, bugfixing and polishing is happening in preparation for full mainnet launch. There are also a few missing features to be added before launch, e.g. capacity to edit a proposal and versioning for that, discussion to remain open once voting starts. Decrediton integration is moving forward, check out this video for a demo and this meta issue for the full checklist.
Trezor: Decrediton integration of initial Trezor support is in progress and there is a demo.
Android: app design version 2.0 completed.
dcrdata: development of several chart visualizations was completed and is awaiting deployment. Specifically, voting agendas and historic charts are merged while ticket pool visualization is in testing.
atomicswap: @glendc is seeking reviews of his Ethereum support pull request.
Dev activity stats for July: 252 active PRs, 220 master commits, 34,754 added and 12,847 deleted lines spread across 6 repositories. Contributions came from 6-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: the month started at 40.5 and ended at 51.6 PH/s, with a low of 33.3 and a new all time high of 68.4 PH/s. F2Pool is leading with 40-45%, followed by the new BeePool at 15-25% and coinmine.pl at 18-23%.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 92.6 DCR (-2.1). The price started the month at 94.6 and quickly retreated to month's low of 85 until 1,860 tickets were bought within a single period (versus target 720). This pushed the pool of tickets to 41,970 (2.5% above target), which in turn caused 10 price increases in a row to the month's high of 100.4. This was the highest ticket price seen on the new ticket price algorithm which has been in effect since Jul 2017. Second half of the month there was unusually low volatility between 92 and 94 DCR per ticket. Locked DCR held between 3.75 and 3.87 million or 46.6-48.0% of supply (+0.1% from previous peak).
Nodes: there are 212 public listening and 216 normal nodes per dcred.eu. Version distribution: 67% on v1.2.0 (+10%), 24% on v1.1.2 (-1%), 7% on v1.1.0 (-7%). Node count data is not perfect but we can see the steady trend of upgrading to v1.2.0. This version of dcrd is notable for serving compact filters. The increased count of such full nodes allows the developers to test SPV client mode in preparations for the upcoming v1.3.0 release.


Obelisk posted three updates in July. For the most recent daily updates join their Discord.
New miner from iBeLink: DSM7T hashes Blake256 at 7 TH/s or Blake2b at 3.5 TH/s, consumes 2,100 W and costs $3,800, shipping Aug 5-10.
There were also speculations about the mysterious Pangolin Whatsminer DCR with the speed of 44 TH/s at 2,200 W and the cost of $3,888, shipping November. If you know more about it please share with us in #pow-mining channel.


Meet new stake pool: dcrpool.ibitlin.com has 1% fees and is hosted by @life.
An interesting detail about decredbrasil.com stake pool was posted in chat:
emiliomann: stakebrasil is one of the pools with the lowest number of missed and expired tickets. It was one of the first and has a smaller percentage than the most recent ones who haven’t had the time to do so. (...) The Brazilian pool should be the one with the more servers spread around the world: 6 to decrease the latency. This is to explain to you why the [pool fee] rate of 5% (currently around 0.06 DCR) on the reward is also one of the highest. girino: 8 voting wallets now. I just finished setting up a new one yesterday. All of them in different datacenters, 3 in europe, 3 in north america, 1 in brazil and one in asia. We also have 3 more servers, 1 for the front end, one for "stats" and one for dcrdata. (#general)
On the mining side, Luxor started a new set of pool servers inside mainland China, while zpool has enabled Decred mining.
StatX announced Decred integration into their live dashboard and public chat.
Decred was added to Satowallet with BTC and ETH trading pairs. Caution: do your best to understand the security model before using any wallet software.


VotoLegal update:
Marina Silva is the first presidential candidate in Brazil using blockchain to keep all their electoral donations transparent and traceable. VotoLegal uses Decred technology, awesome use case! (reddit)
The story was covered by criptonoticias.com (translated) and livecoins.com.br (translated), the latter received hundreds of upvotes and comments on brasil.
On the OTC trading front, @i2Rav from i2trading reports:
We continue to see institutional interest in DCR. Large block buyers love the concept of staking as a way to earn additional income and appreciate the stakeholder rights it affords them. Likening a DCR investment to an activist shareholdebondholder gives these institutions some comfort while dipping their toes into a burgeoning new asset class.


Targeted advertising reports released for June and July. As usual, reach @timhebel for full versions.
Big news in June: Facebook reversed their policy on banning crypto ads. ICO ads are still banned, but we should be OK. My team filled out the appeal today, so we should hopefully hear something within a few days. (u/timhebel on reddit)
After couple weeks Facebook finally responded to the appeal and the next step is to verify the domain name via DNS.
A pack of Stakey Telegram stickers is now available. Have fun!




Featured articles:
Some articles are omitted due to low quality or factual errors.

Community Discussions

Community stats:
Comm systems update:
Twitter: Ari Paul debates "There can be only one" aka "highlander argument".
Reddit and Forum: how ticket pool size influences average vote time; roadmap concerns; why ticket price was volatile; ideas for using Reddit chat for dcrtrader and alternative chat systems; insette's write-up on Andrew Stone's GROUP proposal for miner-validated tokenization that is superior to current OP_RETURN-based schemes; James Liu's paper to extend atomic swaps to financial derivatives; what happens when all DCR are mined, tail emission and incentives for miners.
Chats: why tickets don't have 100% chance to vote; ideas for more straightforward marketing; long-running chat about world economy and failure modes; @brandon's thoughts on tokenizing everything, ICOs, securities, sidechains and more; challenges of staking with Trezor; ideas how to use CryptoSteel wallet with Decred; why exchange can't stake your coins, how staking can increase security, why the function to export seed from wallet is bad idea and why dcrwallet doesn't ever store the seed; ticket voting math; discussion about how GitHub workflow forces to depend on modern web browser and possible alternatives; funding marketing and education in developing markets, vetting contractors based on deliverables, "Decred contractor clearance", continued in #governance.
#dex channel continues to attract thinkers and host chats about influence of exchanges, regulation, HFT, lot sizes, liquidity, on-chain vs off-chain swaps, to name a few topics. #governance also keeps growing and hosting high quality conversations.


In July DCR was trading in USD 56-76 and BTC 0.0072-0.0109 range. A recovery started after a volume boost of up to $10.5 m on Fex around Jul 13, but once Bitcoin headed towards USD ~8,000 DCR declined along with most altcoins.
WalletInvestor posted a prediction on dcrtrader.
Decred was noticed in top 10 mineable coins on coinmarketcap.com.

Relevant External

One million PCs in China were infected via browser plugins to mine Decred, Siacoin and Digibyte.
In a Unchained podcast episode David Vorick shared why ASICs are better than GPUs even if they tend toward mining centralization and also described Obelisk's new Launchpad service. (missed in June issue)
Sia project moved to GitLab. The stated reasons are to avoid the risk of depending on centralized service, to avoid vendor lock-in, better continuous integration and testing, better access control and the general direction to support decentralized and open source projects.
Luxor explained why PPS pools are better.
@nic__carter published slides from his talk "An Overview of Governance in Blockchains" from Zcon0.
This article arguing the importance of governance systems dates back to 2007.
Bancor wallet was hacked. This reminds us about the fake feeling of decentralizaion, that custody of funds is dangerous and that smart contracts must have minimum complexity and be verifiable.
Circle announced official Poloniex mobile apps for iOS and Android.
On Jul 27 Circle announced delisting of 9 coins from Poloniex that led to a loss of 23-81% of their value same day. Sad reminder about how much a project can depend on a single centralized exchange.
DCR supply and market cap is now correct on onchainfx.com and finally, on coinmarketcap.com. Thanks to @sumiflow, @jz and others doing the tedious work to reach out the various websites.

About This Issue

This is the 4th issue of Decred Journal. It is mirrored on GitHub, Medium and Reddit. Past issues are available here.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Chat links were changed to riot.im from the static web viewer that suffered from UX issues (filed here and here). We will consider changing back to the static viewer once they are resolved because it does not require javascript to read chat logs.
In the previous issue we introduced "Featured articles". The judgement is subjective by definition, if you feel unfairness or want to debate the criteria please check this issue.
Feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room.
Contributions are also welcome, some areas are adding content, pre-release review or translations to other languages.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Haon and Richard-Red.
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Decred Journal – August 2018

Note: you can read this on GitHub (link), Medium (link) or old Reddit (link) to see all the links.


dcrd: Version 1.3.0 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is out! The main features of this release are significant performance improvements, including some that benefit SPV clients. Full release notes and downloads are on GitHub.
The default minimum transaction fee rate was reduced from 0.001 to 0.0001 DCkB. Do not try to send such small fee transactions just yet, until the majority of the network upgrades.
Release process was changed to use release branches and bump version on the master branch at the beginning of a release cycle. Discussed in this chat.
The codebase is ready for the new Go 1.11 version. Migration to vgo module system is complete and the 1.4.0 release will be built using modules. The list of versioned modules and a hierarchy diagram are available here.
The testnet was reset and bumped to version 3.
Comments are welcome for the proposal to implement smart fee estimation, which is important for Lightning Network.
@matheusd recorded a code review video for new Decred developers that explains how tickets are selected for voting.
dcrwallet: Version 1.3.0 RC1 features new SPV sync mode, new ticket buyer, new APIs for Decrediton and a host of bug fixes. On the dev side, dcrwallet also migrated to the new module system.
Decrediton: Version 1.3.0 RC1 adds the new SPV sync mode that syncs roughly 5x faster. The feature is off by default while it receives more testing from experienced users. Other notable changes include a design polish and experimental Politeia integration.
Politeia: Proposal editing is being developed and has a short demo. This will allow proposal owners to edit their proposal in response to community feedback before voting begins. The challenges associated with this feature relate to updating censorship tokens and maintaining a clear history of which version comments were made on. @fernandoabolafio produced this architecture diagram which may be of interest to developers.
@degeri joined to perform security testing of Politeia and found several issues.
dcrdata: mainnet explorer upgraded to v2.1 with several new features. For users: credit/debit tx filter on address page, showing miner fees on coinbase transaction page, estimate yearly ticket rewards on main page, cool new hamburger menu and keyboard navigation. For developers: new chain parameters page, experimental Insight API support, endpoints for coin supply and block rewards, testnet3 support. Lots of minor API changes and frontend tweaks, many bug fixes and robustness improvements.
The upcoming v3.0 entered beta and is deployed on beta.dcrdata.org. Check out the new charts page. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Finally, the development version v3.1.0-pre is on alpha.dcrdata.org.
Android: updated to be compatible with the latest SPV code and is syncing, several performance issues are worked on. Details were posted in chat. Alpha testing has started, to participate please join #dev and ask for the APK.
iOS: backend is mostly complete, as well as the front end. Support for devices with smaller screens was improved. What works now: creating and recovering wallets, listing of transactions, receiving DCR, displaying and scanning QR codes, browsing account information, SPV connection to peers, downloading headers. Some bugs need fixing before making testable builds.
Ticket splitting: v0.6.0 beta released with improved fee calculation and multiple bug fixes.
docs: introduced new Governance section that grouped some old articles as well as the new Politeia page.
@Richard-Red created a concept repository sandbox with policy documents, to illustrate the kind of policies that could be approved and amended by Politeia proposals.
decred.org: 8 contributors added and 4 removed, including 2 advisors (discussion here).
decredmarketcap.com is a brand new website that shows the most accurate DCR market data. Clean design, mobile friendly, no javascript required.
Dev activity stats for August: 239 active PRs, 219 commits, 25k added and 11k deleted lines spread across 8 repositories. Contributions came from 2-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: went from 54 to 76 PH/s, the low was 50 and the new all-time high is 100 PH/s. BeePool share rose to ~50% while F2Pool shrank to 30%, followed by coinmine.pl at 5% and Luxor at 3%.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 95.6 DCR (+3.0) as of Sep 3. During the month, ticket price fluctuated between a low of 92.2 and high of 100.5 DCR. Locked DCR represented between 3.8 and 3.9 million or 46.3-46.9% of the supply.
Nodes: there are 217 public listening and 281 normal nodes per dcred.eu. Version distribution: 2% at v1.4.0(pre) (dev builds), 5% on v1.3.0 (RC1), 62% on v1.2.0 (-5%), 22% on v1.1.2 (-2%), 6% on v1.1.0 (-1%). Almost 69% of nodes are v.1.2.0 and higher and support client filters. Data snapshot of Aug 31.


Obelisk posted 3 email updates in August. DCR1 units are reportedly shipping with 1 TH/s hashrate and will be upgraded with firmware to 1.5 TH/s. Batch 1 customers will receive compensation for missed shipment dates, but only after Batch 5 ships. Batch 2-5 customers will be receiving the updated slim design.
Innosilicon announced the new D9+ DecredMaster: 2.8 TH/s at 1,230 W priced $1,499. Specified shipping date was Aug 10-15.
FFMiner DS19 claims 3.1 TH/s for Blake256R14 at 680 W and simultaneously 1.55 TH/s for Blake2B at 410 W, the price is $1,299. Shipping Aug 20-25.
Another newly noticed miner offer is this unit that does 46 TH/s at 2,150 W at the price of $4,720. It is shipping Nov 2018 and the stats look very close to Pangolin Whatsminer DCR (which has now a page on asicminervalue).


www.d1pool.com joined the list of stakepools for a total of 16.
Australian CoinTree added DCR trading. The platform supports fiat, there are some limitations during the upgrade to a new system but also no fees in the "Early access mode". On a related note, CoinTree is working on a feature to pay household bills with cryptocurrencies it supports.
Three new OTC desks were added to exchanges page at decred.org.
Two mobile wallets integrated Decred:
Reminder: do your best to understand the security and privacy model before using any wallet software. Points to consider: who controls the seed, does the wallet talk to the nodes directly or via middlemen, is it open source or not?




Targeted advertising report for August was posted by @timhebel. Facebook appeal is pending, some Google and Twitter campaigns were paused and some updated. Read more here.
Contribution to the @decredproject Twitter account has evolved over the past few months. A #twitter_ops channel is being used on Matrix to collaboratively draft and execute project account tweets (including retweets). Anyone with an interest in contributing to the Twitter account can ask for an invitation to the channel and can start contributing content and ideas there for evaluation by the Twitter group. As a result, no minority or unilateral veto over tweets is possible. (from GitHub)


For those willing to help with the events:
BAB: Hey all, we are gearing up for conference season. I have a list of places we hope to attend but need to know who besides @joshuam and @Haon are willing to do public speaking, willing to work booths, or help out at them? You will need to be well versed on not just what is Decred, but the history of Decred etc... DM me if you are interested. (#event_planning)
The Decred project is looking for ambassadors. If you are looking for a fun cryptocurrency to get involved in send me a DM or come talk to me on Decred slack. (@marco_peereboom, longer version here)


Decred Assembly episode 21 is available. @jy-p and lead dcrwallet developer @jrick discussed SPV from Satoshi's whitepaper, how it can be improved upon and what's coming in Decred.
Decred Assembly episodes 1-21 are available in audio only format here.
New instructional articles on stakey.club: Decrediton setup, Deleting the wallet, Installing Go, Installing dcrd, dcrd as a Linux service. Available in both English and Portuguese.
Decred scored #32 in the August issue of Chinese CCID ratings. The evaluation model was explained in this interview.
Satis Group rated Decred highly in their cryptoasset valuation research report (PDF). This was featured by several large media outlets, but some did not link to or omitted Decred entirely, citing low market cap.
Featured articles:

Community Discussions

Community stats:
Comm systems news:
After another debate about chat systems more people began testing and using Matrix, leading to some gardening on that platform:
Reddit: substantive discussion about Decred cons; ecosystem fund; a thread about voter engagement, Politeia UX and trolling; idea of a social media system for Decred by @michae2xl; how profitable is the Obelisk DCR1.
Chats: cross-chain trading via LN; plans for contractor management system, lower-level decision making and contractor privacy vs transparency for stakeholders; measuring dev activity; what if the network stalls, multiple implementations of Decred for more resilience, long term vision behind those extensive tests and accurate comments in the codebase; ideas for process for policy documents, hosting them in Pi and approving with ticket voting; about SPV wallet disk size, how compact filters work; odds of a wallet fetching a wrong block in SPV; new module system in Go; security of allowing Android app backups; why PoW algo change proposal must be specified in great detail; thoughts about NIPoPoWs and SPV; prerequisites for shipping SPV by default (continued); Decred vs Dash treasury and marketing expenses, spending other people's money; why Decred should not invade a country, DAO and nation states, entangling with nation state is poor resource allocation; how winning tickets are determined and attack vectors; Politeia proposal moderation, contractor clearance, the scale of proposals and decision delegation, initial Politeia vote to approve Politeia itself; chat systems, Matrix/Slack/Discord/RocketChat/Keybase (continued); overview of Korean exchanges; no breaking changes in vgo; why project fund burn rate must keep low; asymptotic behavior of Decred and other ccs, tail emission; count of full nodes and incentives to run them; Politeia proposal translations and multilingual environment.
An unusual event was the chat about double negatives and other oddities in languages in #trading.


DCR started the month at USD 56 / BTC 0.0073 and had a two week decline. On Aug 14 the whole market took a huge drop and briefly went below USD 200 billion. Bitcoin went below USD 6,000 and top 100 cryptos lost 5-30%. The lowest point coincided with Bitcoin dominance peak at 54.5%. On that day Decred dived -17% and reached the bottom of USD 32 / BTC 0.00537. Since then it went sideways in the USD 35-45 / BTC 0.0054-0.0064 range. Around Aug 24, Huobi showed DCR trading volume above USD 5M and this coincided with a minor recovery.
@ImacallyouJawdy posted some creative analysis based on ticket data.

Relevant External

StopAndDecrypt published an extensive article "ASIC Resistance is Nothing but a Blockchain Buzzword" that is much in line with Decred's stance on ASICs.
The ongoing debates about the possible Sia fork yet again demonstrate the importance of a robust dispute resolution mechanism. Also, we are lucky to have the treasury.
Mark B Lundeberg, who found a vulnerability in atomicswap earlier, published a concept of more private peer-to-peer atomic swaps. (missed in July issue)
Medium took a cautious stance on cryptocurrencies and triggered at least one project to migrate to Ghost (that same project previously migrated away from Slack).
Regulation: Vietnam bans mining equipment imports, China halts crypto events and tightens control of crypto chat groups.
Reddit was hacked by intercepting 2FA codes sent via SMS. The announcement explains the impact. Yet another data breach suggests to think twice before sharing any data with any company and shift to more secure authentication systems.
Intel and x86 dumpsterfire keeps burning brighter. Seek more secure hardware and operating systems for your coins.
Finally, unrelated to Decred but good for a laugh: yetanotherico.com.

About This Issue

This is the 5th issue of Decred Journal. It is mirrored on GitHub, Medium and Reddit. Past issues are available here.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room on Matrix or Slack.
Contributions are welcome too. Some areas are collecting content, pre-release review or translations to other languages. Check out @Richard-Red's guide how to contribute to Decred using GitHub without writing code.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Haon, jazzah, Richard-Red and thedecreddigest.
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OpSkins Scamming?

Fixed the whole post. Hey all,
I am a somewhat low-key trader with a few people that I trade with constantly, and from time to time I have newcomers who want to do a trade. Recently I was involved in a large trade of around $7,000 from someone who said he had won them on a gambling website. As a result, I offered this user a fair exchange in bitcoins for his skins. Shortly after, we proceeded with the trade and everything went smoothly. After the trade I had put the items on Opskins so I could get my money back to bitcoins asap. Few hours later or so, a user contacts me asking if I could exchange his OP Points to bitcoins, saying he didn't have the verification to cashout on opskins itself. The user had 200,000 Op Points, so I agreed to exchange it for a steal of a deal, knowing that all I had to do was cashout and id be making an easy $300-$400, how could I say no. A couple days later I go to login to Opskins and am told that I am banned for selling stolen skins. Now, I had no knowledge of the skins being stolen, I had no reason to believe that they were stolen. I contacted the owner of Opskins on Twitter, and after explaining the situation I have yet to get a reply in 2 days.
The day after I had bought the skins and put them on Opskins, I was contacted by a user telling me that the skins I had sold were stolen from him by an account hijacker. At this point I thought someone was trying to either trick me or leading up to an extortion of sorts in order to get the skins that I had purchased, so I did not trust what I was told. The day or 2 days after that, I honestly cannot remember, I had been banned for selling stolen skins. I have read and re-read the Terms of Service for Opskins and nowhere within that do I see a rule about selling stolen skins. Had I known the skins were stolen, I honestly would not have bought these skins in the first place. I had over 900,000 OP Points in my account, which is worth about $9,000, however the owner refuses to answer me which is horrible customer service. If given a chance to explain myself, I know I can show that I am innocent.
After being banned, I submitted a ticket on Opskins asking them to review my case, to which I was sent a picture. This picture simply said "Outlook not so good". Thanks to a user asking for a picture for proof, I noticed the staff referred to me as "Melanie", who was the user I had exchanged the Op Points for. I believe the staff banned me for actually stealing the items themselves rather than just selling them.
Proof of the ticket: https://i.imgur.com/fIjTiGP.jpg
submitted by OpskinsDispute to GlobalOffensiveTrade [link] [comments]

[H] ~46 Hours-Auction-Stat Howl FN [W] Bids

Auction Ends at 4:00:00 UTC on May 13
The howl is currently being held by a premium quality 100% certified steamrep approved middleman (AlerionOP)
He will be trading it to whoever wins this auction. There's no way for me to cancel the auction or get the howl back if I dont like the winning offer.
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: For item bids you need to specify the exact items you're offering. Dont bid "400k in items", I will decide what your item bid is worth to me.
Auction Status
I won't be updating bids right away check below for current highest offer.
Buyout: 700k
Current best offer:
520 Keys
Bidding History:
Steam Link: Inspect
1 Final note: Feel free to offer below my C/O. Certain offers might get retracted during the auction. There's never any guarantee that the guy who has the C/O right now will actually go through with the trade when this thing is done. credits to u/ariebier for the template.
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[H] Karambit Sapphire + Karambit Pearl + 20 more knives [W] 740 keys, 650 keys, Paypal, Bitcoins, Selling keys for $1.9 USD

Karambit Sapphire FN (float 0.035) b/o: 740 keys or 1333 USD
Karambit Black Pearl FN (float 0.0073, Nr.2 on csgo exchange) b/o: 650 keys or 1170 USD
M9 Black Pearl FN (float 0.0171) b/o: 430 keys
M9 Sapphire MW (float 0.0794) b/o: 450 keys
Bayonet Black Pearl FN (float 0.0331) b/o: 280 keys
Other skins:
Karambit Marble Fade FN (tricolor): 210 keys or 380 USD
ST M9 Tiger FN: 240 keys or 432 USD
ST Bayo Tiger FN: 190 keys
ST M9 CW MW: 400 keys
ST Karambit Slaughter FN: 250 keys
ST M9 Phase 2 FN: 230 keys
ST M9 Phase 1 FN: 200 keys
ST M9 Phase 3 FN: 180 keys
ST Karambit Phase 1 FN: 250 keys
ST Karambit Phase 4 FN: 250 keys
Screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tetsuwan/screenshots/
My cash reputation: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CSGOREPorts/discussions/5/648817378180408726/
My Trade-offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=4517135&token=opENvf-d
My CS-lounge profile with offers: http://csgolounge.com/profile?id=76561197964782863
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[H] ~15 Hours-Auction-Karambit Marble Fade FN [W] Bids

Auction Ends at 22:20:00 UTC
Previous Thread-First One
Previous Thread-Second One
The knife is currently being held by a premium quality 100% certified steamrep approved middleman (AlerionOP)
He will be trading it to whoever wins this auction. There's no way for me to cancel the auction or get the knife back if I dont like the winning offer.
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: For item bids you need to specify the exact items you're offering. Dont bid "400k in items", I will decide what your item bid is worth to me.
Auction Status
Buyout: 300k
Current best offer:
92 pure + karambit case hardened dragon claw 60/70% blue (~200 keys) + BTA ST AWP asiimov bs Link
264 Key Equivalent
Bidding History:
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Rdrcm4k
Steam Link: Inspect
1 Final note: Feel free to offer below my C/O. Certain offers might get retracted during the auction. There's never any guarantee that the guy who has the C/O right now will actually go through with the trade when this thing is done. credits to u/ariebier for the template.
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[H] 24 Auction Karambit Marble Fade FN [W] Bids

The knife is currently being held by a premium quality 100% certified steamrep approved middleman (AlerionOP)
He will be trading it to whoever wins this auction. There's no way for me to cancel the auction or get the knife back if I dont like the winning offer.
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: For item bids you need to specify the exact items you're offering. Dont bid "400k in items", I will decide what your item bid is worth to me.
Auction Status
Buyout: 300k
Current best offer: 120 pure plus 145k easy to sell items Link
Bidding History
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Rdrcm4k
Steam Link: Inspect
1 Final note: Feel free to offer below my C/O. Certain offers might get retracted during the auction. There's never any guarantee that the guy who has the C/O right now will actually go through with the trade when this thing is done. credits to u/ariebier for the template.
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[H] ~23 Hours-Auction-Stat Howl FN [W] Bids(551k top bid)

Auction Ends at 4:00:00 UTC on May 13
Previous Thread
The howl is currently being held by a premium quality 100% certified steamrep approved middleman (AlerionOP)
He will be trading it to whoever wins this auction. There's no way for me to cancel the auction or get the howl back if I dont like the winning offer.
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: For item bids you need to specify the exact items you're offering. Dont bid "400k in items", I will decide what your item bid is worth to me.
Auction Status
I won't be updating bids right away check below for current highest offer.
Buyout: 700k
Current best offer:
Karambit Night Factory NEW + 120 pure keys
Bidding History:
CH Blue Gem Bayonet + ST FN Vulcan + ST FN Cyrex 550k St fn m9 slaughter + mw howl + st ft cyrex + ft asiimov + fn vulcan + 60 pure keys 239k + M4 master piece MW + M9 slaughter FN+ howl ft
Steam Link: Inspect
1 Final note: Feel free to offer below my C/O. Certain offers might get retracted during the auction. There's never any guarantee that the guy who has the C/O right now will actually go through with the trade when this thing is done. credits to u/ariebier for the template.
submitted by boomerandzapper to GlobalOffensiveTrade [link] [comments]

[H] ~20 Hours-Auction-Karambit Marble Fade FN [W] Bids

Auction Ends at 22:20:00
Previous Thread-First One
Previous Thread-Second One
The knife is currently being held by a premium quality 100% certified steamrep approved middleman (AlerionOP)
He will be trading it to whoever wins this auction. There's no way for me to cancel the auction or get the knife back if I dont like the winning offer.
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: For item bids you need to specify the exact items you're offering. Dont bid "400k in items", I will decide what your item bid is worth to me.
Auction Status
Buyout: 300k
Current best offer: 120 pure plus 145k easy to sell items Link
Bidding History
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Rdrcm4k
Steam Link: Inspect
1 Final note: Feel free to offer below my C/O. Certain offers might get retracted during the auction. There's never any guarantee that the guy who has the C/O right now will actually go through with the trade when this thing is done. credits to u/ariebier for the template.
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[H] 700+ Cheap Region-Free Steam Gifts/Serials [W] CSGO/TF2 Keys, ToDs, Gems, Refs, WM, BTC

All Region-Free Steam Game Gifts + Steam Game Serials


Game Prices:

(CSGO Operation Keys are preferred)
Note: CSGO/TF2 items and Sacks of Gems are untradable for one week after purchase from the Steam Market or in-game store.
List of Steam Game Gifts (ROW / Region-Free) Price
A Story About My Uncle 2 Keys
Action Indie Pack (Includes 5 items: Larva Mortus, Penguins Arena: Sedna's World, RIP - Trilogy™, Space Trader: Merchant Marine, Tank Universal) 1 Key
Age of Empires II HD 2 Keys
Alien: Isolation 7 Keys
Assassin’s Creed III 3 Keys
Banished 4 Keys
Bastion 2 Keys
BattleBlock Theater 1 Key
Battlestations Pacific 1 Key
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians 1 Key
BioShock 2 Keys
BioShock Triple Pack 6 Keys
Call of Duty: Black Ops II 10 Keys
Call of Juarez Gunslinger 2 Keys
Castle Crashers 2 Keys
Child of Light 2 Keys
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 2 Keys
Contraption Maker 1 Key
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 CSGO Keys or 4.5 TF2 Keys
Crysis 2 - Maximum Edition 4 Keys
Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack 1 Key
Dead Sky 2 Keys
Defy Gravity Extended 0.5 Key
Deus Ex Collection (Includes 4 items: Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Deus Ex: The Fall) 5 Keys
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut 3 Keys
DiRT 3 Complete Edition 7 Keys
Dishonored 3 Keys
Door Kickers 3 Keys
Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior Bundle 2 Keys
Empire: Total War Collection 4 Keys
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition 3 Keys
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Irish Paint Jobs Pack 5 refs
Europa Universalis IV 5 Keys
FTL: Faster Than Light 2 Keys
Giana Sisters: Twisted Bundle (Includes 2 items: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord) 2 Keys
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams 1 Key
Gumboy Tournament 0.5 Key
Gun Monkeys 0.5 Key
Guns of Icarus Online Collectors Edition 2 Keys
Heileen 3: New Horizons Deluxe Edition 2 Keys
Hotline Miami 2 Keys
Hydrophobia: Prophecy 0.5 Key
ibb & obb 0.5 Key
Interstellar Marines 2 Keys
King's Bounty: Armored Princess 2 Keys
Kung Fu Strike - The Warrior's Rise 1 Key
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise - Master Level 0.5 Key
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition (Includes 2 items: L.A. Noire, L.A. Noire: DLC Bundle) 3 Keys
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 3 Keys
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 3 Keys
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 4 Keys
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 4 Keys
LEGO The Hobbit 3 Keys
LEGO The Lord of the Rings 3 Keys
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition 3 Keys
Mirror's Edge 2 Keys
Morphopolis 0.5 Key
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition 3 Keys
Murder Miners 0.5 Key
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals 0.5 Key
ORION: Dino Horde 0.5 Key
Out There Somewhere 0.5 Key
Paradox Platinum Pack (Includes 6 items: Cities in Motion 2, Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition, Magicka, Warlock 2: The Exiled) 7 Keys
Mass Effect Collection (Includes 2 items: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition) 5 Keys
Metro Redux Bundle 5 Keys
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition 3 Keys
Mount & Blade: Warband 3 Keys
Particula 3-Pack 1 Key
PixelJunk Eden 1 Key
PlayWay's Sim Bundle 1 Key
POSTAL 2 1 Key
Primal Fears 1 Key
Prison Architect 3 Keys
Quest of Dungeons 2 Keys
Real Horror Stories Ultimate Edition 0.5 Key
Real World Racing 1 Key
Resident Evil 4/5/6 Pack 8 Keys
Rise of the Triad 2 Keys
Roogoo 0.5 Key
RUSH 0.5 Key
Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition 4 Keys
Shadowgate bundle (Includes 3 items: Shadowgate (2014), Shadowgate: MacVenture Series, Déjà Vu: MacVenture Series) 2 Keys
Shadowgrounds Pack (Includes 2 items: Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor) 1 Key
Shadowrun Returns 1 Key
Space Run 2 Keys
Squishy the Suicidal Pig 0.5 Key
Star Wars Collection - 2015 12 Keys
Stellar Impact Bundle 1 Key
Strike Suit Infinity 1 Key
System Shock 2 1 Key
Takedown: Red Sabre 1 Key
The Bridge 1 Key
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 3 Keys
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition 7 Keys
The Hat Man: Shadow Ward 0.5 Key
The LEGO Movie - Videogame 3 Keys
The Stanley Parable 2 Keys
The Swapper 2 Keys
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 3 Keys
The Walking Dead: Season 2 4 Keys
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition 2 Keys
The Wolf Among Us 4 Keys
Titan Quest 1.5 Keys
Tomb Raider GOTY Edition (Includes 22 items) 4 Keys
Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition 8 Keys
Trapped Dead 1 Key
Trine 2: Complete Story Gift 2 Keys
Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle 1 Key
Valiant Hearts: The Great War / Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre 2 Keys
Valkyria Chronicles 3 Keys
War of the Vikings: Bonus Coins 5 refs
List of Steam Game Serials or Gift Links (ROW) Price
//N.P.P.D. RUSH//- The milk of Ultraviolet 0.5 Key
1000 Amps 0.5 Key
140 0.5 Key
1953 – KGB Unleashed 0.5 Key
7th Legion 0.5 Key
8-Bit Commando 0.5 Key
8BitBoy 0.5 Key
99 Spirits 0.5 Key
9th Company: Roots Of Terror 0.5 Key
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome 0.5 Key
A New Beginning - Final Cut 0.5 Key
A-Train 8 0.5 Key
A.I.M.2 Clan Wars 0.5 Key
Abalone 0.5 Key
Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden 0.5 Key
AfterFall Insanity - Extended Edition 0.5 Key
Airline Tycoon 2 0.5 Key
Akane the Kunoichi 0.5 Key
Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends 0.5 Key
Alien Hallway 0.5 Key
Alien Shooter 2: Conscription 0.5 Key
Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded 0.5 Key
Alpha Kimori™ 1 0.5 Key
Alter World 0.5 Key
Always Sometimes Monsters 0.5 Key
American Conquest 0.5 Key
Anachronox 0.5 Key
Analogue: A Hate Story With Soundtrack 0.5 Key
Ancient Planet 0.5 Key
Anomaly Warzone Earth 0.5 Key
Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign 0.5 Key
Antisquad 0.5 Key
Ascension to the Throne 0.5 Key
Aveyond: Lord of Twilight 0.5 Key
Bad Bots 0.5 Key
Bad Hotel 0.5 Key
Ballpoint Universe: Infinite 0.5 Key
Bardbarian 0.5 Key
Batman: Arkham Origins DLC - New Millennium Skins Pack 5 Refs
Battlepillars Gold Edition 0.5 Key
Battlestations: Midway 0.5 Key
Battle Group 2 0.5 Key
Beast Boxing Turbo 0.5 Key
BeatBlasters III 0.5 Key
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians 0.5 Key
Betrayer 1 Key
Beyond Space 0.5 Key
BioShock 1 Key
Black Mirror 0.5 Key
Blast Em! 0.5 Key
BlazeRush 0.5 Key
Blocks That Matter 0.5 Key
Blue Rose 1 Key
BorderZone 0.5 Key
BoxesWithGuns 0.5 Key
Bret Airborne 0.5 Key
Brigade E5: New Jagged Union 0.5 Key
C-RUSH 0.5 Key
CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ DELUXE 1 Key
Card City Nights 0.5 Key
Chaos Domain 0.5 Key
Chaos Ride 0.5 Key
Chip 0.5 Key
Chompy Chomp Chomp 0.5 Key
Circuits 0.5 Key
Clash of Puppets 1 Key
Clickr 0.5 Key
Cloning Clyde 0.5 Key
Closure 0.5 Key
Cobi Treasure Deluxe 0.5 Key
Commando Jack 0.5 Key
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler 0.5 Key
Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars 0.5 Key
Cossacks: European Wars 0.5 Key
Crazy Machines 2 0.5 Key
Critical Mass 0.5 Key
Crystal Catacombs 1 Key
Cubemen 0.5 Key
Cubemen 2 0.5 Key
Cubetractor 0.5 Key
Cubicle Quest 0.5 Key
Daikatana 0.5 Key
Darkstone 0.5 Key
Day One : Garry's Incident 0.5 Key
Deadlight 1 Key
Deep Dungeons Of Doom 0.5 Key
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive 0.5 Key
Depth Hunter 2: Ocean Mysteries 0.5 Key
Desert Thunder 0.5 Key
Deus Ex: The Fall 1 Key
Dino D-Day 0.5 Key
Down To One 0.5 Key
Driftmoon 0.5 Key
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition 0.5 Key
Dungeon of Elements 0.5 Key
Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus 0.5 Key
dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ 0.5 Key
Dynamite Jack 0.5 Key
Dysan the Shapeshifter 0.5 Key
EDGE 0.5 Key
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout 0.5 Key
Electronic Super Joy: Groove City 0.5 Key
Elven Legacy 0.5 Key
English Country Tune 0.5 Key
Epigenesis 0.5 Key
Eschalon: Book I 0.5 Key
Eschalon: Book II 0.5 Key
Eschalon: Book III 0.5 Key
Ethan: Meteor Hunter 0.5 Key
Ether Vapor Remaster 0.5 Key
Etherlords I & II (1 Steam key bundle) 0.5 Key
EvilQuest 0.5 Key
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0 0.5 Key
Fairy Bloom Freesia 0.5 Key
Fall of the New Age Premium Edition 0.5 Key
Famaze 0.5 Key
Farming World 0.5 Key
Fatty Maze's Adventures 0.5 Key
Fieldrunners 0.5 Key
Final Slam 2 0.5 Key
Finding Teddy 0.5 Key
Freedom Fall 0.5 Key
Frozen Hearth 0.5 Key
Galactic Arms Race 0.5 Key
Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition 0.5 Key
Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD 0.5 Key
Galcon Fusion 0.5 Key
Galcon Legends 0.5 Key
Garden Rescue 0.5 Key
GAUGE 0.5 Key
GEARCRACK Arena 0.5 Key
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams 0.5 Key
Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit 5 Refs
Grand Ages: Rome - Gold Edition 0.5 Key
Gravity Badgers 0.5 Key
Gravi 0.5 Key
Guacamelee! Gold Edition 0.5 Key
Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug's Treasure DLC 5 Refs
Guncraft 0.5 Key
Gun Metal 0.5 Key
Gunman Clive 0.5 Key
Guns and Robots - Starter Pack 0.5 Key
Guns of Icarus Online Costume Pack + Soundtrack (2 separate game keys) 5 Refs
Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy 0.5 Key
Hammerfight 0.5 Key
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan 0.5 Key
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin 0.5 Key
Hitman: Codename 47 0.5 Key
Home 0.5 Key
Home Sheep Home 2 0.5 Key
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising 0.5 Key
Humanity Asset 0.5 Key
Hunters Of The Dead 0.5 Key
HyperRogue 0.5 Key
Hyper Fighters 0.5 Key
iBomber Attack 0.5 Key
iBomber Defense Pacific 0.5 Key
Ichi 0.5 Key
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 0.5 Key
Imagine Me + Soundtrack 0.5 Key
Imperium Romanum - Gold Edition 0.5 Key
Incoming Forces 0.5 Key
Infected: The Twin Vaccine 0.5 Key
Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars 0.5 Key
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 0.5 Key
Intake 0.5 Key
Intrusion 2 0.5 Key
Ionball 2 : Ionstorm 0.5 Key
Ittle Dew 0.5 Key
Jack Orlando: Director's Cut 0.5 Key
Jet Car Stunts 0.5 Key
Jet Gunner 0.5 Key
Joylancer 0.5 Key
Just Cause 0.5 Key
Kairo 0.5 Key
KAMI 0.5 Key
Kill Fun Yeah 0.5 Key
Kingdom Elemental 0.5 Key
KnightShift 0.5 Key
Knytt Underground 0.5 Key
Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan 0.5 Key
Last Inua 0.5 Key
Legend of Dungeon 0.5 Key
Leona's Tricky Adventures 0.5 Key
LEVEL 22 0.5 Key
Leviathan Warships 0.5 Key
Lexica 0.5 Key
Lilly Looking Through 0.5 Key
Litil Divil 0.5 Key
Little Racers STREET 0.5 Key
Lost Civilization 0.5 Key
Love 0.5 Key
Lovely Planet 0.5 Key
Ludwig 0.5 Key
Lume 0.5 Key
Lunar Flight 0.5 Key
Lunar Pack - Wake & Lunnye Devitsy (Includes 2 games) 1 Key
MacGuffin's Curse 0.5 Key
Machines At War 3 1 Key
Majestic Nights 0.5 Key
Major Mayhem 0.5 Key
Marine Sharpshooter II : Jungle Warfare 0.5 Key
Master Reboot 0.5 Key
May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville 0.5 Key
Mechanic Escape 0.5 Key
Memories of a Vagabond 0.5 Key
Millennium - A New Hope 0.5 Key
Millie 0.5 Key
Mini Motor Racing EVO 0.5 Key
Montague's Mount 0.5 Key
Motorama 0.5 Key
Mount & Blade 0.5 Key
MURI 0.5 Key
Mythos: The Beginning 0.5 Key
Namariel Legends: Iron Lord Premium Edition 0.5 Key
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart 0.5 Key
NiGHTS Into Dreams 0.5 Key
Nihilumbra 0.5 Key
Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi 0.5 Key
Nuclear Dawn 0.5 Key
Numba Deluxe 0.5 Key
Nux 0.5 Key
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee 0.5 Key
Odysseus: Long Way Home 0.5 Key
Offspring Fling 0.5 Key
Oil Rush 0.5 Key
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One 0.5 Key
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two 0.5 Key
Oozi: Earth Adventure 0.5 Key
Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellions 0.5 Key
Paranautical Activity (Early Access) 0.5 Key
Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition 0.5 Key
Parkan 2 0.5 Key
Party Of Sin 0.5 Key
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Pinball FX2 - Captain America Table 0.5 Key
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PixelJunk Eden 0.5 Key
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Point Perfect 0.5 Key
Postmortem: One Must Die (Extended Cut) 0.5 Key
Post Master 0.5 Key
Potatoman Seeks the Troof 0.5 Key
Pretentious Game 0.5 Key
Project Temporality 0.5 Key
Proteus 0.5 Key
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Psichodelya 0.5 Key
Puddle 0.5 Key
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Quest for Infamy 0.5 Key
Racer 8 0.5 Key
Radical Roach Deluxe 0.5 Key
Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse 0.5 Key
Ravensword: Shadowlands 0.5 Key
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny - For the Gods DLC 5 Refs
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny 0.5 Key
Realms of the Haunting 0.5 Key
Really Big Sky 0.5 Key
Real Warfare 1242 0.5 Key
Redneck Racers 0.5 Key
Redshirt 0.5 Key
ReignMaker 0.5 Key
Rescue: Everday Heroes 0.5 Key
Residue: Final Cut 0.5 Key
Retro/Grade 0.5 Key
Rhythm Destruction 0.5 Key
Richard & Alice 0.5 Key
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken 0.5 Key
Rover Rescue 0.5 Key
RPG Maker - Adventurer's Journey DLC 0.5 Key
RPG Maker - Royal Tileset Pack DLC 0.5 Key
RPG Maker - Tyler Warren's First 50 Battler Pack DLC 0.5 Key
Runes of Brennos 0.5 Key
samurai_jazz 0.5 Key
Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves 0.5 Key
Savant - Ascent 0.5 Key
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Shadow Warrior Classic Redux 0.5 Key
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Shelter 1 Key
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Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol 0.5 Key
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Sinking Island 0.5 Key
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Slip 0.5 Key
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Sometimes: Success Requires Sacrifice 0.5 Key
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[Store] Anubis' High Tiers - 4x IBP Holo Awp Asiimov - Karambit Sapphire 6 Pixel Corner / Flawless vertex - 7 FN Dlores - FN Howl - 2 Bayo ruby - Medusas, Kara TT & Fade

I Accept both bitcoin & skins. If you'd like to buy in bulk, or offer on a higher tier item please add me. Otherwise, please use my trade link.
Qty Item (Inspect) Exterior (Check) Stickers (Market) Screenies Buyout (Keys)
1 -AWP ~ Asiimov (Field-Tested)- 0.31350967288017273 <> iBUYPOWER (Holo) ~ Katowice 2014 <> iBUYPOWER (Holo) ~ Katowice 2014 <> iBUYPOWER (Holo) ~ Katowice 2014 <> iBUYPOWER (Holo) ~ Katowice 2014 http://imgur.com/a/3oQE3 2150
1 -★ Bayonet ~ Doppler (Factory New)- 0.032368432730436325 <> Ruby 348
1 -★ Bayonet ~ Doppler (Factory New)- 0.021520936861634254 <> Ruby 353
1 -★ M9 Bayonet ~ Doppler (Factory New)- 0.034262947738170624 <> Phase 3 87
1 -★ StatTrak™ Bayonet ~ Doppler (Factory New)- 0.025515727698802948 <> Phase 1 90
1 -★ M9 Bayonet ~ Tiger Tooth (Factory New)- 0.025363091379404068 104
1 -★ Karambit ~ Tiger Tooth (Factory New)- 0.03230208531022072 153
1 -★ Karambit ~ Tiger Tooth (Factory New)- 0.050007376819849014 148
1 -★ Karambit ~ Fade (Factory New)- 0.03509772941470146 177
1 -★ M9 Bayonet ~ Lore (Minimal Wear)- 0.13887448608875275 275
1 -AWP ~ Medusa (Battle-Scarred)- 0.8386515378952026 165
1 -AWP ~ Dragon Lore (Battle-Scarred)- 0.6745474934577942 195
1 -M4A4 ~ Howl (Factory New)- 0.04643848165869713 <> FaZe Clan ~ MLG Columbus 2016 <> Fearsome (Holo) 320
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House Party 05/30/2016 [Part 3/3]

Still not particularly even paying attention to the kickouts, Kait pops to her feet and runs back to the corner. She ascends to the top rope as Lee stirs confusedly on the mat.
Kait: I think I’m READY TO FALL!
The crowd pops to see a shooting star press, but, in the split second Kait took to say that, Lee makes it to his feet and rushes to the corner, knocking her off balance and “nutting”(perhaps “cunting”?) her on the turnbuckle.
Paisner: Sometimes playing to the fans can be a competitor’s downfall!
Woodbridge: And what a shame! She had really built up a nice head of steam!
Lee grabs Kait and pulls her out towards the center of the ring, her feet catching on the turnbuckle. Lee drops her down with a sickening corner DDT that receives boos from the paying audience. He smugly gives them all the Vulcan salute before going for the pin.
Lee sits up, frustrated at the referee for “counting slow”. He gets up and gets in Itchicock’s face.
Lee: One, Two, Three! You imbecile!
Woodbridge: Showing shades of his master, Kyle Scott!
Paisner: By arguing with the ref?
Woodbridge: By being a massive cunt.
Lee pushes Itchicock, but before he can abuse the ref into a DQ, he notices that Kait has pulled herself into the corner to catch her breath. A smile crosses his lips and he dead sprints towards her, flipping himself forward for the Blob Ball. At the last possible second, Kaiit rolls out of the way, letting Logan slam into the corner directly on his back and head.
Paisner: Ring awareness by Kaitlyn! Think she baited him into going for that move?
Woodbridge: The world may never know, Allen. But I wouldn’t put it past her.
They both lay on the mat, catching their breath, as Itchicock begins to make the ten count.
Still no movement from either of them.
Kaitlyn begins to stir, bringing herself to one knee. She uses the ropes, and pulls herself all the way up. Kait leans against the ropes for a moment, further catching her breath, as Lee uses the same tactic to first get to a knee, and then bring himself to his feet. Lee turns in Kait’s direction and they lock eyes. Kait gets off the ropes and motions for Lee to bring it. Lee rushes at Kaitlyn with the speed of a runaway train. She passes him through, sending him into the ropes and rebounding back in her direction. She drops down and Lee steps over her as he runs to the other side of the ring, once again rebounding and heading Kait’s way. This time, she catches him with a beautiful hip toss on his way back, but his momentum helps him almost immediately back up to his feet. He runs at her again, and is again brought down with a hip toss. Slightly slower this time, Lee pops back to his feet and tries running at her one more time.
Paisner: When did Kait get a “Five Moves of Doom” sequence?
Woodbridge: Are you comparing her to Jack Senpai, Allen?
Paisner: No. I’m comparing what she’s doing right now to Jack Senpai.
As Lee gets closer to her, Kait jumps up to deliver the final blow, a beautiful hurricanrana. However, before she can finish the move, Lee somehow finds the strength to stop her momentum and slam her onto the mat with what can only be described as a reversal pop-up powerbomb.
Paisner: Oh shit! I take it back! THAT is a move of doom!
Lee falls on top of Kaitlyn, breathless. He manages to lift her leg for the pin.
Woodbridge: No! Kait able to kick out at two point a gnat’s cunt hair!
Paisner: Is that a measurement, Mark?
Woodbridge: Well, Kaitlyn just did it! So it is now, Allen!
Lee sits up and stares in disbelief at the ref. He wipes sweat off his brow and slams his hands on the mat.
Lee gets up and begins pacing around, waiting for Kaitlyn to slowly stagger to her feet. As she’s about to be all the way up, Lee begins rotating for his patented spinning backfist.
Woodbridge: This could be it!!
But, with her last spurt of energy, Kait jumps up as Logan is about to finish his rotation, wrapping her arm around his head and bringing him down with. . .
Kait barely manages to crawl on top of Lee and grab his leg for the pin.
Paisner: Oh fuck me.
The lights come back on to reveal Brodie Hansen in the center of the ring, Kait now full of energy and already up to get in his face. The two butt heads as Lee slowly comes to on the mat. He looks up at the sight above him and his eyes widen.
Lee: Fuck that!
He rolls under the bottom rope and hightails it up the ramp and to the back.
Woodbridge: Smart move by, Logan Lee. I don’t think this’ll be pretty.
Paisner: So just another match gets ruled a no contest because of Brodie Hansen?!
Woodbridge: You want to go tell him to stop?
The tension rises as Brodie and Kait exchange murderous stares. The crowd stays deadly silent, not wanting to be the reason this explodes. Over the silence, the voices of Brodie and Kaitlyn in the ring can be heard.
Brodie: You’re very frustrating, little bird.
Kaitlyn: Yeah. Well, you’re an inbred cunt.
And with that they erupt in a fist fight that would put Ali and Tyson to shame. The sounds of fists upon flesh reverberate through the arena with sickening clarity. Their collision resembles a tornado of hatred going over a trailer park of nazi methheads. That is to say, it isn’t pretty. Somehow, Kait is able to get the upper hand and begins backing Brodie into a corner with fist after fist to the gut and jaw of the giant.
Woodbridge: Jesus! That’s some serious power behind those hooks by Kaitlyn!
Paisner: I’m pretty sure she would’ve broken most of the locker room’s jaws at this point! The boiling hatred between these two is reaching a real tipping point!
Once Brodie is up against the turnbuckle, Kait goes from fists to kicks. She kicks at the big man’s legs furiously and with a speed resembling a thrash beat. Brodie’s knees begin to buckle as his massive frame sways in the corner. Kaitlyn continues kicking, each one seemingly harder than the last. Before the giant can topple, Brodie shoots his hand out and wraps it around the throat of Kaitlyn. Her kicking stops and they meet eyes, Brodie squeezing harder and turning Kaitlyn’s face a gross blue color. Using all the force he can muster, The Beast shoves forward, effectively shoving Kaitlyn back and to the ground by her throat. Either with a quick lunge or an exhausted fall, Brodie takes to the mat as well and mounts the much smaller woman. He begins throwing elbows to the face and temples of Kaitlyn, making eerily certain to slam the points directly on the worst spots of the skull.
Paisner: Two months, going on three, these two have been at it! At this point I’m surprised neither has legitimately tried to kill the other!
Woodbridge: Didn’t Brodie have goons a little bit ago?
Paisner: I’m talking about these two killing each other! Let’s not bring up other people or else this will get really hard to get past the FCC!
Once Brodie’s made sure Kaitlyn is good and concussed, he gets off of her and rolls under the bottom rope. He takes a moment outside to stretch out his sore legs and try to shake the pain off. He then heads to the railing separating the fans from the action and reaches out, literally pulling a chair out from under the ass of a fan. As he walks away and is showered in boos, he casually flips the bird back in the direction of the fans. He slides the chair into the ring and follows close behind, his eyes revealing nothing but malintent in his heart.
Paisner: I feel like we should be trying to stop this.
Brodie picks the chair back up once in the ring and begins to taunt the fans, teasing slamming it onto the head of the near unconscious Kaitlyn on the mat. As the boos get louder, Brodie’s swings of the chair get closer and closer to her head. Right before actually hitting her in the head with the chair, Brodie stops. He looks at the chair and then at Kaitlyn. . . . and then at the corner. He grabs Kaitlyn by her leg and pulls her close to the corner. He opens the chair slightly and slides Kaitlyn’s neck inside, his intentions becoming grossly clear.
Woodbridge: Jesus fucking Christ! I refuse to watch this! I’m turning my back to this!
Brodie backs into the corner, ascending to the second rope. He stares down at Kaitlyn helpless on the mat, I smile so sinister that it would give the Devil himself chills crossing Brodie’s lips.
Brodie readys himself to jump off the rope and slam his massive foot into the chair, surely paralyzing Kait.
Right before Brodie can jump onto the chair, a fan in a black jacket jumps the barrier! They hightail it to the corner and shove Brodie off with urgency, his massive frame barely missing landing on the chair anyway! Before Brodie has a chance to even understand what is happening, the fan slides into the ring and begins to deliver sick kicks to Brodie again and again!
Woodbridge: What!? Who is it!?
With little understanding of what is even happening, Brodie begins to roll to and under the ropes. He backs up the ramp, furious as the fan turns their attention to the barely moving Kaitlyn Casey Jones. The fan gets the chair from around her neck and begins to help her up. She manages to look up, and her jaw drops when she sees the fan’s face. After helping her all the way to her feet, the fan turns to finally meet eyes with the monster on the ramp. Brodie becomes even more enraged at what he sees.
Paisner: Holy shit! It’s Lucian Alexander! Brodie’s cousin is back and he saved Kait!
Woodbridge: We knew he had left NEXT, but I don’t think anyone knew he was here tonight!
Lucian stares his cousin down as the fans chant their appreciation.
Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME! clap clap clapclapclap THIS IS AWESOME! clap clap clapclapclap
Brodie: You’re dead, you fuck! You’ve made a terrible decision coming back!
Brodie makes his way up the ramp and to the back, never taking his eyes off Lucian and Kaitlyn in the ring. Lucian then helps Kait make her way out of the ring and begins to motion for some sort of medical assistance as we fade out.
We return to the dark streets of Le Havre, a beautiful classic car pulls up, and out from it emerges a "well dressed" man of Asian decent. Both groups exit their car and converge on one another
Asian Fella: Alssalam ealaykum 'akhi Kyle
Scott: Ealaykum 'an al'akh salam Mahmud
Mahmud: W... lughan 'aetaqid?
Scott: Yes, this is my right hand man, Logan; he doesn't speak much of the mother tongue
Lee Yasrakh alghajr?
Mahmud: Indeed, screaming gypsies. Gentlemen, if you'll follow me to the back of the car
The three men proceed to the back of the car where Mahmud unleashes a stockpile the likes of which have never before been seen (in the boot of a budget car).
Lee: What the fuck...
Mahmud: As you can see we have all manner of weapons, from World War 1 rifle, World War 2 rifle, all they way through to Korean war rifle. This is how you say... the high tech shit
Scott: You don't say...
Mahmud: Oh I do say, I just said it
Scott: You.. what? It's an expression
Lee: Can we get this over with? It's all very uncomfortable
Mahmud: Fine, fine. Weapons you see here are not all I have, you pick and I dispatch them instantly
Lee: How?
Mahmud: Amazon drone of course!
Scott: So, how do we do this?
Mahmud: Very simple
Mahmud somehow pulls a computer down from the rear door of his car
Mahmud: Select the "Fruit & Vag" section, all weapons available you see there
Lee: Ahaha
Mahmud: What? What amuses you?
Lee: Nothing, I swear
Scott: You said vag
Mahmud: What? What is this vag?
Lee: Lady penis
Mahmud: That is... vile
Scott: Mhm, so I just choose the weapon and enter the amount?
Mahmud: Correct
Scott: How do I pay?
Mahmud: I accept a variety of payments, Visa, Subway Subcard, Bitcoin, anything you think of
Scott: I'll pay with my Subcard, God knows I've got more than enough points
Kyle struggles to pull his wallet from his jeans, almost as if he's trying to conceal something. His wallet falls to the floor and he scrambles to retrieve it from under the car. Hastily he puts it into the machine and "pays"
Scott: OK, well Brother Mahmud, it's been a pleasure. I hope this helps your cause as much as it helps mine
Mahmud: Ladayk baladi alttaqdir 'akhi Kyle. Shaqiq lujan. Tawdie
Scott & Logan: Tawdie
Scott hurries the two of them back to their van and they speed off leaving a trail of dust
Lee: What's the hurry?
Kyle pulls something from his coat pocket
Lee: HOLY SHIT! Where did you get that?
Scott: Stole it from Mahmud
Lee: Do you know how rare this is? And in French no less
Scott: No, but what I do know is that Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, the President of Mongolia is a closet fan of the Pokemon TCG. Instead of going to war, we bribe him with this card
Lee: What about the guns?
Scott: We sell them to ISIS, double our money
Lee: For real?
Scott: Yeah, how else are we supposed to conquer the Middle East unless they fuck it up?
Lee: Jesus... I don't know if I like this
Scott: You can have the card after we deal with Tsakhi
Lee: Oh right, it's fine then
A phone begins ringing, Logan presses the button to put it on hands free
Mahmud: Kyle, hayth alllaenat hu bitaqati mariu? Hunak 6 faqat fi alealam!
Scott: Yumaris aljins mae 'ukhtuk
Kyle hangs up as the rear window shatters, a plume of smoke can be seen rising in the distance
Lee: Did... did you blow his car up?
Scott: What?! No! No no no, must've been a terror plot gone wrong...
Kaitlyn and Lucian sit backstage. Kait is nursing her injuries while Lucy greets passing WiR staff members.
Kaitlyn: Thanks for that.
Lucian: Of course. I wasn’t going to let him paralyze you.
Kait nods, thinking.
Kaitlyn: Why were you here?
Lucian stops greeting people and turns his full attention to Kait.
Lucian: What do you mean?
Kaitlyn: France is pretty far from Arkansas. And I assume you had to buy a ticket.
Lucy chuckles lightly.
Lucian: Yeah. I wanted to meet with Moxie after the show. Talk about maybe coming back. But then that happened, and I couldn’t just be a bystander, you know?
Kaitlyn thinks for a moment.
Kaitlyn: Yeah. That makes sense. Thanks.
Just then, a slender, sexy woman comes walking down the hall, a huge business smile across her face.
Moxie Moon: I believe I heard my name!
Moxie walks over to the two and hugs Lucian, giving him a French kiss on the cheek with her welcome.She goes to do the same to Kaitlyn, but as Kaitlyn leans up to oblige she winces in pain. Moxie looks the two over before talking.
Moxie: That was quite a match you had with Logan Lee, Ms. Jones. I’m sure it would have been a real barn burner had the World Champion not decided to interfere.
Kait nods, picking up an icepack and holding it to her head.
Moxie: And you…
Moxie turns to Lucian.
Moxie: There’s no telling what your cousin would have done to her if you hadn’t come to the rescue.
Lucian: The thing that holds your belt is not my cousin, Moxie.
Moxie: Fair enough, Mr. Alexander.
Moxie claps her hands together, a sudden excitement seemingly taking over her demeanor.
Moxie: Now! Since the pleasantries are out of the way, time to talk the real reason I came and found you two! Kaitlyn, you seem determined to have another go at Brodie’s title, and I’m perfectly willing to provide that. However, the large man has a certain way for persuasion, and he made it clear that if you were going to get another chance; you’d have to earn it. So that’s what you’ll do next week! Next week you’ll get your official number one contendership match for a chance to prove yourself!
Kaitlyn’s eyes light up and a smile crosses her lips for the first time since we’ve seen her tonight.
Moxie: But! It won’t be easy, Ms. Jones. I can’t go just sticking you in another match with AKI Man to make it impossible for you to lose. No. Not at all. Instead, your opponent will be a former tag team champion, former member of NYS’s developmental NEXT program, and your savior tonight!
Kaitlyn and Lucian look at each other, surprised.
Moxie: That’s right, darlings. What could be better for ratings?
Moxie lets out a smug laugh before waving at them and beginning to walk away.
Moxie: Tah-tah! See you next week!
Lucian begins to nod, wearily, as Kaitlyn continues just to stare at the man who possibly saved her life. Before any words can be exchanged, a voice is heard off camera down the hall.
Andrew “Dragon” Garcia: HOLY SHIIIIIIIII!!!
Lucian turns his attention to the direction of his old friend, and a smile explodes across his face. He walks out of frame as Kaitlyn continues to stare off, now into the distance.
Lucian: Hermandad de fibra de baja moral para la vida!
Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite) by Run The Jewels hits, and a lone spotlight appears on the ramp, revealing Santiago Martinez standing in the light, holding his stolen independent title, raising it high above his head like he's the actual champion.
Javier: Introducing first, from Coral Gables, Florida; by way of Medellin, Colombia, weighing in at 214 pounds, standing 6 foot 2, Santiago Martinez!
Paisner: Last Week, Santiago Martinez returned after 3 months in a huge way, with he and his cartel goons taking out his opponent here tonight Russ Reynolds, and the Independent Champion Dragon, and as you can see here, Martinez took Dragon's title belt in the process.
Woodbridge: While Santiago sure as hell made a statement last week, I have a question whether this decision may come back to haunt him, pissing off Dragon isn't usually a good decision, Russ Reynolds has proven time and time again to be an outstanding competitor, depending on whether Santiago is rusty or not may determine whether this all turns out well or not.
Santiago walks down, belt still raised high in the air, he talks some shit with fans around ringside, before hopping up onto the apron, jumping over the ropes into the ring, and awaiting Reynold's arrival.
Rainbow In The Dark by Dio plays, as Reynolds busts out from behind the curtain, a focused look on his face, as he walks down to the ring.
Javier: And introducing, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 215 pounds, standing at 6 feet, "Danger" Russ Reynolds!
Paisner: And Reynolds coming down with a purpose tonight! He has to be upset after finally getting Rang off of him, only for Santiago to come out and make a statement out of him, while also hurting his chances of beating Dragon and gaining an independent title shot.
Woodbridge: And that purpose may be his rise, or his downfall, either he stays focused and on his game, or he gets driven to too much anger, and get sloppy, which would most certainly cost him the match.
Reynolds quickly throws some fist bumps to some fans, as he walks down to the ring, eventually getting up on the ring apron, staring down Martinez, he steps into the ring, as Tai Ni Wong calls for the bell.
Russ and Martinez circle each other, and stare at each other, before Russ rushes in at Santiago! Reynolds quickly grabs Santiago's legs and drives him into a corner! Reynolds then starts deliver shoulder thrusts to Martinez, before stopping that, and starting to chop away at Martinez in the corner! After the chops, Russ whips Martinez into another corner, where Russ runs at him with an amazing dropkick right to the gave of Martinez! Martinez falls to the ground and out the ring holding at his face!
Woodbridge: Russ starting this match with fire!
Martinez leans on the guardrail outside, as Russ calls for him to get back in the ring, Martinez circles the ring for a moment, before slowly sliding in, and facing Russ again, they once again circle each other, and this time Santiago is the one who charges! Doing the same thing as Russ by picking him up and driving him into a corner, but rather than going for shoulder thrusts, Santiago decides to slap Russ across the face!
Santiago quickly backs off, with a smug smirk across his face, as Russ tries to go after him, but Wong restrains him so things don't get out of control, Wong eventually unrestrains Russ, who's calmed down, but still clearly irked at Santiago's disrespect, they circle for the third time, and they close in on each other and lock up for a collar and elbow tie-up, but as soon as they lock up, Santiago decides to forgo the technical wrestling, and just knees Reynolds in the gut! Dropping Reynolds to his knees! Santiago then grabs Reynolds head, and starts to deliver repeated knees to the side of Russ's head! Picking his head back up everytime it falls to the ground. Santiago eventually releases Russ's head, and it just falls to the ground, Russ clearly already a bit out of it from all the knees. Santiago kicks at Russ's head a few times, before running the ropes, he reaches Russ, but jumps over him to continue running the ropes, he then repeats that process once reaching Russ again! He then continues running! And then completely stops his momentum, and lightly tapping Russ's head.
Santiago looks out at the crowd booing him, and flips all them off!
Paisner: Santiago riling up this crowd, and he seems to love every moment of it.
Santiago gets back over to Russ, sits him up, and then runs the ropes real quick to deliver a stiff kick to Russ's back! Russ grits his teeth and falls back in pain, as Santiago quickly gets on the ground with him, and repeatedly elbows Russ in the face with stiff strike and stiff strike! Santiago then picks up Russ grabs his head, runs with him, and drives his head into the top turnbuckle! Russ's head bounces off the turnbuckle, so Santiago gives him a european uppercut to the back of the head! Russ falls back into the corner, face resting on the turnbuckle, as Santiago runs off to the opposite corner, and rushes back with a superkick to the back of Russ's head! The head trauma from the kick and being driven into turnbuckle causes him to slide down and fall to the ground! Santiago looks down at Russ and laughs, as he casually pushes Russ out the ring with his foot, and yells at Wong to start counting!
While Wong starts to count, Santiago parades around the ring taunting the crowd, flipping them off, and talking shit. Wong hits 7 and Russ starts to stir on the outside, trying to get to the ring apron! The count of 11 hits, and he gets his fingers on the ring apron! But Santiago rushes over, and stomps on Russ's fingers! Russ screams and holds his fingers, as Santiago decides to slide out the ring, picks Russ up, and tosses him straight into the barricade! And then into the ringpost! And then once again into the barricade!
Paisner: Russ could be in real trouble here! Santiago's controlled the match and hasn't shown signs of rust, Russ might need luck on his side tonight!
Russ lays on the grounds in pain, staring up at the ceiling, as Santiago goes to pick him up, and tosses him in the ring where he covers Russ!
2! No! Kickout by Russ at 2!
Santiago screams at Wong to count faster after Russ's kickout, and then quickly gets back on Russ, and puts him in a sleeper hold!
Santiago wrenches in the sleeper as tightly as possible, squeezing as much air as he can out of Russ, who struggles and flails around to try and get out. Santiago screams various insults at the fans in attendance, as Russ' flailing gets less and less motion to it. With Santiago's grip only getting harder and harder until he's gripping Russ's neck like an anaconda!
Santiago: Why do you all need to chant? It's not like he had blood in his head in the first place!
All the veins on Santiago's body almost pop right out of his skin as he clenches in the sleeper more and more, as the chants seem to not be doing much for Russ, as he's starting to fade more and more, with his face becoming noticebly paler by the second! With Santiago screaming as he clenches and clenches!
Wong decides to go over to Russ, and check on his condition, he checks him real quick, and then decides to raise Russ's arm, and it drops!
Crowd: No!
Wong then lifts Russ's arm again, and once again it drops!
Crowd: No!
Wong then lifts Russ's arm one last time, and just as it seems as Russ's arm is about to hit the ground once again, he stops of arm from falling and lifts it up!
Russ feeds off the energy of the crowd, and he starts to slowly, but surely get to his feet, as Santiago desperately tries, but fails, to get Russ back down! Russ eventually gets to his feet, and starts delivers elbows to the gut of Santiago until he lets go, and eventually, Russ hits enough to get out of the sleeper!
Woodbridge: Russ got out the sleeper! He may finally get something going!
Russ gains back his breath real quick, as Santiago recovers from the elbows rather quickly, and tries to go after Russ with a lariat! But Russ ducks, and he runs the ropes as Santiago rebounds off the ropes himself, they eventually meet in the middle, where Russ drops Santiago with a high knee to the face! Knocking Santiago down! Santiago manages to quickly make it to a corner, but that gives Russ the opportunity to run off to the opposite corner, and come back with a running dropkick to the head of Santiago! Santiago falls in a heap to the ground, as Russ screams for the audience!
Paisner: Russ with that intense fire and burning passion!
Russ walks around the ring, and hypes the crowd up by throwing his arms up, and stomping on the mat, waiting for Santiago to get up. Santiago eventually does, with clear signs of wooziness. Russ walks over to him, hooks him up, and throws him with a northern lights suplex! Russ keeps Santiago hooked, but doesn't bridge, as he rolls through back to his front, and delivers another wonderful norther lights suplex to Santiago! And yet again, Russ does not bridge, but rolls through, and then delivers a third, and lightning quick northern lights to Martinex!
Paisner: Aurora Borealis! What strength from Russ! The Bridge!
2! No! Kickout by Martinez!
Russ quickly gets back to to business, and picks up Santiago and whips him into a corner, where he hits a running chop to Martinez! The sound of the chop explodes throughout the arena, and Santiago holds at his chest, with his breathing clearly have been offset, Russ looks out to the crowd, and shouts something.
Russ: Do you people want another?!
Crowd: YES!
Russ: You got it!
Russ makes sure he keeps Martinez contained in the corner, and then charges up for another chop, before deliver another stinging chop to Martinez's chest that was even louder than the first one! Martinez's eyes nearly bulge out his head, and he tries desperately to get out the corner, but Russ pushes him back in! Russ quickly looks out to the crowd, who instantly start cheering! Getting the message, Russ charges up for another chop, and delivers enough vicious chop to Santiago! The chop sounding like a gun went off in the building, as it seems Santiago has lost all breath in his body! Russ then starts to deliver chops faster and faster, until he's delivering them at a lightning fast pace, with Santiago futilely struggling against the chops! Russ eventually finishes his chops, and whips Santiago into the opposite corner, where he hits Santiago with a running european uppercut! He then whips Santiago back into the original corner, where Russ hits him with another euro uppercut! As Santiago stumbles out the corner, Russ jumps up for a cutter to Santiago! Planting his face in the mat! Russ then rolls the cutter into a Dragon Sleeper submission hold!
Paisner: Russ's run of fire may end with him getting Santiago to tap out to the Ace Killer!
Santiago screams in pain, as Russ clenches and wrenches on the Dragon Sleeper as much as he can! Santiago digs his fingernails into the mat, trying to get a base to crawl to the ropes, but Russ is wrenching so hard, Santiago struggles to move forward, just helplessly moving around in a circle that gets him nowhere! Santiago screams, as he claws and claws to try and move forward, which causes Russ to clench harder! Santiago uses his arms to try and pry Russ's arms off his neck! But this is to no avail, as Russ has too much of a death drip on Santiago, and Santiago is getting less strong each second he stays in the Dragon Sleeper, with his body falling closer and closer to the mat! Russ screams as he sinches in, but suddenly, Santiago manages to make one quick movement, and rolls over!, pinning Russ's shoulders to the mat! Santiago even manages to flip over to put Russ in more predicament!
No! Russ at 2 and a half!
With the pin Santiago got on him, Russ is forced to completely kick out, releasing his grip on Santiago! Santiago gets up, clearly a bit out of it from all the life being sucked out of him in the sleeper, but he still manages to take his place in a corner, but Russ quickly rushes over to him, and attempts a forearm in the corner! But Santiago gets out, and Russ crashes into the corner, and stumbles out of it holding his back, and Santiago rushes at Russ with a forearm smash of his own! Knocking Russ to the ground! With Russ holding his face in pain! Santiago waits for Russ to get up, and once Russ is almost up, Santiago runs the ropes, and keeps running until Russ gets up, and attempts a slingblade! But Russ forcefully pushes Santiago to the ground! Santiago screams and holds his back, but manages to quickly get up, as Russ quickly hits him with a superkick! Stunning Santiago and turning him facing away from Russ! Russ backs up, and signals for Santiago to turn around! Once Santiago does, Russ runs at him, and goes for the Dangerous Kick!(Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick) But Santiago manages to duck! And he ends up with his back in front of Santiago, which allows Santiago to take advantage with his "Phantom Pain" Backstabber!
Woodbridge: A wonderful exchange between these two wrestlers! Santiago gaining the advantage with a devastating backstabber!
Santiago gets up, and waits for Russ to get up himself, who's holding his back and gritting his teeth in pain! Russ eventually drags himself up by the ropes, and Santiago runs behind him, jumps up on his shoulders, and delivers a reverse frankenstiener to Russ!
Paisner: Jesus! The Set Up from Martinez! Russ may be out!
Martinez transistions smoothly out the frankensteiner, gets on the apron, and starts to climb the ropes! He gets to the top turnbuckles, and flips off the crowd with both middle fingers, before attempting a 450 splash! But Russ manages to get his knees up, and Santiago lands right on them!
Santiago bounces off, clutching at his chest to try an get any breath, as Russ tries to regain his composure from the reverse frankensteiner. Russ holds at his head, as he and Santiago both try to get up, Russ manages to get up just quick enough and runs at Santiago with a Dangerous Kick just as Martinez gets up! But Santiago ducks once again, and gets an O'Connor roll on Russ! Santiago grabs a handful of tights!
No! Russ manages to kick out despite the tight grab!
Both men get up at the same time, and Santiago gets the advantage with a quick forearm to Russ’s face! Santiago then whips Russ into the ropes, and then Santiago runs the ropes himself! They pass each other a few times, before Santiago jumps up, and smashes Russ’s face with a Single Leg Dropkick!
Paisner: Cartel Speicial from Santiago! He may be on his way to victory!
Santiago looks down at Russ, before doing a throat slice, and making his way to a corner, but suddenly, out of the corner of Santi’s eye, a hulking figure dashes towards him. He turns around, and get gored out of his boots by Andrew Garcia! He pins him down, and Garcia wails down strikes to the head of him as the ref calls for the bell.
Dragon elbows the shit out of the downed Martinez, until Russ drags the brute off of him. He gets him up, but Dragon pushes him away and goes back to his man, stomping at him as he scurries away. He runs to the entranceway, as Garcia slides out of the ring and goes to the inside of the apron. He holds up a chair, but drops it, deciding that it just wouldn’t cut it, and goes back to the apron. He drags out, of all things, a ladder from underneath and goes after Santiago. Martinez, wanting no part in what the champ has in mind, keeps running until he makes it to the staircase and go up the staircase. Dragon tosses the set of ladders at him, striking the man in his legs and sending him on to the concrete corner of them. Just then, a few of the masked goons appear, blocking the entrance of the stairways from both sides. Garcia picks up the ladder from the ground, and swings it at the goons, all ducking from it and running off. He turns around and see the target head back up the stairs. He makes it back up, and sees Martinez behind four more goons. Thinking quickly, he rushes at them with the ladder, and pin all five men to the railing, slowly pushing upwards ass if to put great danger in the rudos’ hearts.
Reynolds: What the fuck are you doing?
Reynolds grabs Dragon from behind, he turns around and holds the ladder on one hand. He moves towards Russ, as he begins to slow back off from the giant. One of the goons uses this as an opportunity to attack him from behind, but he barely budges from the blow to the back. Garcia drops the ladder completely, and focuses his attention on the goon. He grabs him by the throat, covering his entire throats with just one hand, before lifting him high up into the air and chokeslamming him over Santiago and Co’s head into the merch table below. A low crunch can be heard as camera’s cut to the carnage of clothing and ruined gimmicks strewn about. Cut back to Dragon, looking down at Martinez, muttering something along the lines of “violent people”, before turning around and heading down the stairs. Fans run away from the man, as he walks to Maurice’s table. The man looking up at the monster, still muttering those words, as he snatches his title from the table, Maurice running away from it entirely. He turns back around at the two men and points right at them as he raises his title up high, as we fade to black.

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