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Bitcoin Utopia itself is NOT a research project of any kind. 3. The Horribly Imbalanced points awarded for this project will PERMANENTLY upset the real world BOINC COMBINED statistics and may thus have the longer term effect of removing some measure of motivation to participate. This is because I’ve known Bitcoin since its existence in 2009, but have never really put any effort in mining. Instead, I was fascinated by the idea of using distributed (volunteer) computing to solve scientific problems. For example, BOINC and related projects like World Community Grid are using the computing power donated from around the world to find effective treatments for cancer and ... BOINC lets you help cutting-edge science research using your computer. The BOINC app, running on your computer, downloads scientific computing jobs and runs them invisibly in the background. It's easy and safe. About 30 science projects use BOINC. They investigate diseases, study climate change, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. The BOINC and Science United ... Recently, a new project (Bitcoin Utopia, or BU) started. Their jobs involve Bitcoin mining, which consists of computing SHA256 hash functions. This is an integer algorithm. It can be done on CPUs and GPUs, but it can be done much faster on ASICs. These ASICs can only do hashing; they can't do floating-point math, and they're of no use to any BOINC project other than BU. Message boards: Number crunching: Bitcoin GPU-based Mining Machines good for BOINC / SETI? ©2020 University of California [email protected] and Astropulse are funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, NASA, and donations from [email protected] volunteers. AstroPulse is funded in part by the NSF through grant AST-0307956.

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