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Bittrex Review: One of the First Crypto Exchanges| Final Part

Bittrex Review: One of the First Crypto Exchanges| Final Part

4. Transaction Fees

Transferring funds across the blockchain and withdrawing them from Bittrex costs a fee for customers, with the rate unique for every coin.
Bittrex Global charges no commission for deposits. Please keep in mind that some tokens or cash may be required to perform a transaction by a crypto coin or token’s community. Bittrex crypto exchange can’t keep away from it.
Every token or coin has a blockchain transaction fee that is built in it, and the Bittrex fee is a small amount to cover this charge. You can view the fee percentage for every coin or token by clicking Withdrawal near to the coin. There you will see a transaction fee you will be charged for withdrawing a specific coin or token.
In the example below, the withdrawal fee amounts to 1 USDT
The transaction fee for Bitcoin came to 0.00050000 BTC

5. Trading Fees

The fee schedule below provides the applicable rate based on the account's 30-Day Volume and if the order is a maker or taker.
Bittrex Global Fee30 Day Volume (USD)MakerTaker$0k - $50k0.2%0.2%$50k - $1M0.12%0.18%$1M - $10M0.05%0.15%$10M - $60M0.02%0.1%$60M+0%0.08%>$100MContact TAM representative
Trading expenses are incurred when an order is prepared by means of the Bittrex worldwide matching engine. While an order is being executed, the purchaser and the vendor are charged a rate primarily based on the order’s amount. The fee charged by Bittrex exchange is calculated by the formula amount * buy rate * fee. There aren't any charges for placing an order which is not being executed so far. Any portion of an unfinished order will be refunded completely upon order cancelation.
Prices vary depending on the currency pair, monthly trade volume, and whether the order is a maker or taker. Bittrex reserves the right to alternate fee quotes at any time, including offering various discounts and incentive packages.

Monthly Volume

Your buying and selling volume affects the fee you pay for every order. Our expenses are built to encourage customers who ensure liquidity in the Bittrex crypto exchange markets. Your buying and selling charges are reduced according to your trade volume for the last 30 years in dollars.
Bittrex calculates the 30-day value every day, updating every account's volume calculation and buying and selling charge between of 12:30 AM UTC and 01:30 AM UTC every day.
You can check your monthly trade volume by logging in and opening Account > My Activity.

6. Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawing any type of funds is likewise simple. You can profit by buying and selling Bitcoin, Ether, or any other cryptocurrency.
You determine the crypto address—to which the amount will be credited—and the transaction amount. The withdrawal fee will be automatically calculated and shown right away.
After confirming the transaction, the finances will be sent to the specified addresses and all that you need to do is to wait for the community to confirm the transaction.
If the 2FA is enabled, then the user receives a special code (via SMS or application) to confirm the withdrawal.

7. How to Trade on Bittrex Global

Currency selling and buying transactions are performed using the Sell and Buy buttons, accordingly.
To begin with, the dealer selects a currency pair and sees a graph of the rate dynamics and different values for the pair.
Below the chart, there is a section with orders where the user can buy or sell a virtual asset.
To create an order, you just need to specify the order type, price, and quantity. And do not forget about the 0.25% trade fee whatever the quantity.
For optimum profit, stay with liquid assets as they can be quickly sold at a near-market rate effective at the time of the transaction. Bittrex offers no referral program; so buying and selling crypto is the easiest way to earn.

Order Types

Bittrex helps you alternate Limit and Stop-Limit orders.
A limit order or a simple limit order is performed when the asset fee reaches—or even exceeds—the price the trader seeks. To execute such an order, it is required that there's a counter market order on the platform that has the identical fee as the limit order.

Differences between Limit Order and Stop Limit Order

A stop limit order is a mixture of a stop limit order and a limit order. In such an application, charges are indicated—a stop charge and the limit.

Stop Limit Order Purpose

Trade Terminal

Let’s discuss how you could trade conveniently with our service.
The key features include a user-friendly interface and precise currency pair statistics (timeframe graphs, network data, trade volumes, and so forth).
The platform’s top-notch advantage is handy, easy-to-analyze, customizable charts. There is also a column for quick switching between currency pairs and an order panel beneath the fee chart. Such an all-encompassing visual solution helps compare orders efficiently and in one place.
You can use the terminal in a day or night mode; when in the night mode, the icon in the upper-right corner changes and notice the Bittrex trading terminal in night mode is displayed. The main menu consists of 4 sections: Markets, Orders, Wallets, Settings.
Markets are the trade section. Bittrex allows handling over 270 currency pairs.
Orders. To see all open orders, go to OrdersOpen.
To see completed orders, go to OrdersCompleted.
Wallets. The Wallets tab displays many wallets for all cryptocurrencies supported by the exchange and the current balance of each of them.
After refilling the balance or creating a buy or sale order, you will see all actions in the section. Bittrex allows creating a separate wallet for every coin. Additionally, you can see how the coin price has changed, in terms of percentage, throughout the day.
Here’s what you can also do with your wallets:
  • Hide zero balances: hide currencies with zero balance
  • Green and red arrows: replenish balance/withdraw funds
  • Find: search for a cryptocurrency
The Settings section helps manage your account, verification, 2FA, password modification, API connection, and many more.

How to Sell

The process of selling crypto assets follows the same algorithm. The only difference is that after choosing the exchange direction, you need to initiate a Sell order. All the rest is similar: you select the order type, specify the quantity and price, and click Sell *Currency Name* (Sell Bitcoin in our case).
If you scroll the screen, the entire history of trades and orders will be displayed below.


You can make a long deal or a short deal. Your choice depends on whether you expect an asset to fall or rise in price.
Long positions are a classic trading method. It concerns purchasing an asset to profit when its value increases. Long positions are carried out through any brokers and do not require a margin account. In this case, the trader’s account must have enough funds to cover the transaction.
Losses in a long position are considered to be limited; no matter when the trade starts, the price will not fall below zero with all possible errors. Short positions, in contrast, are used to profit from a falling market. A trader buys a financial instrument from a broker and sells it. After the price reaches the target level, the trader buys back the assets or buys them to pay off the initial debt to the broker.
A short position yields profit if the price falls, and it is considered unprofitable the price matches the asset value. Performing a short order requires a margin account as a trader borrows valuable assets from a broker to complete a transaction. Long transactions help gain from market growth; short from a market decline.

Trade via API

Bittrex also supports algorithmic trading through extensive APIs (application programming interface), which allows you to automate the trading process using third-party services.
To create an API key, the user must enable the two-factor authentication 2FA, verify their account, and log in to the site within 3 minutes.
If all the requirements of the system are fulfilled, you can proceed to generate the API key. Log in to your Bittrex account, click Settings. Find API Keys. Click Add new key (Create a new key).
Toggle on / off settings for READ INFO, TRADE, or WITHDRAW, depending on what functionality you want to use for our API key.
Click Save and enter the 2FA code from the authenticator → Confirm.
The secret key will be displayed only once and will disappear after the page is refreshed. Make sure you saved it!
To delete an API key, click X in the right corner for the key that you want to delete, then click Save, enter the 2FA code from the authenticator and click Confirm.

Bittrex Bot, a Trader’s Assistant

Robotized programs that appeared sometimes after the appearance of cryptocurrency exchanges save users from monotonous work and allow automating the trading process.
Bots for trading digital money work like all the other bots: they perform mechanical trading according to the preset parameters.
Currently, one of Bittrex’s most popular trading bots is Bittrex Flash Crash Buyer Bot that helps traders profit from altcoin volatility without missing the right moment.
The program monitors all the market changes in the market every second; also, it even can place an order in advance. The Bittrex bot can handle a stop loss—to sell a certain amount of currency when the rate changes in a favorable direction and reaches a certain level.

8. Secure Platform

Bittrex Global employs the most reliable and effective security technologies available. There are many cases of theft, fraud. It is no coincidence that the currency is compared to the Wild West, especially if we compare the 1800s when cowboys rushed to the West Coast of America to earn and start something new in a place that had no rules.
Cryptocurrency is still wild. One can earn and lose money fast. But Bittrex has a substantial security policy thanks to the team’s huge experience in security and development for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Qualys, and Blackberry.
The system employs an elastic, multi-stage holding strategy to ensure that the majority of funds are kept in cold storage for extra safety.
Bittrex Global also enables the two-factor authentication for all users and provides a host of additional security features to provide multiple layers of protection.
Bittrex cold wallet:

How to Pass IP Verification

To ensure higher security of your Bittrex Global account, the system requires all users to approve each new IP address through an email confirmation. This IP verification procedure is required every time you attempt to log in from a new IP Address.
Confirming your IP address.
The new IP address must be confirmed from the device that you are using to access Bittrex Global. This means that you must follow the CLICK HERE TO LOGIN link in an email on the device that you want to use to access your account.
To ensure even more security, Bittrex Global supports whitelisting of IP addresses and Crypto addresses. These two features can help protect the account in the event of credentials or API key loss.

How to Add IP Address to Whitelist

By setting one or more whitelisted addresses, you are telling Bittrex Global to only authorize trades or withdrawals from those IPs. This concerns both the web interface and API-based trades or withdrawals. To do this, click IP Whitelist in Site Settings.

How to Add Crypto Address to Whitelist

By setting a withdrawal address, you are telling Bittrex Global to authorize withdrawals only to that address.
This concerns both the web interface and API based withdrawals.
Note that when opting into this feature, you need to specify a withdrawal address would like to withdraw funds from for every currency. To do this, click Withdrawal Whitelist in the Site Settings section. The example below shows a BTC address.


Bittrex Global is a reliable and advanced platform for trading digital assets with a respected reputation, long history, and active market presence and development nowadays. The exchange is eligible to be used globally, including the US and its territories.
The legal component of Bittrex Global is one of the most legitimate among numerous crypto-asset exchanges.
The Bittrex team has had great ambitions and managed to deliver promises and more. The exchange staff comprises forward-thinking and exceptional individuals whose success is recognized in the traditional business and blockchain sector.
Bittrex's purpose is to be the driving force in the blockchain revolution, expanding the application, importance, and accessibility of this game-changing technology worldwide.
The exchange fosters new and innovative blockchain and related projects that could potentially change the way money and assets are managed globally.
Alongside innovation, safety will always be the main priority of the company. The platform utilizes the most reliable and effective practices and available technologies to protect user accounts. Bittrex customers have always primarily been those who appreciate the highest degree of security.
Because of the way the Bittrex trading platform is designed, it can easily scale to always provide instant order execution for any number of new customers.
Bittrex supports algorithmic trading and empowers its customers with extensive APIs for more automated and profitable trading.
One of the common features which is not available on the exchange is margin trading. No leverage used however adds up to the exchange's stability and prevents fast money seekers and risky traders from entering the exchange.
Bittrex is a force of the blockchain revolution and an important entity of the emerging sector.
The full version
First part
Second part
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Crypto Revolt Robot : Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed

Crypto Revolt Robot : Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed

The very fact that you have created it this way suggests that that you are starting to determine for yourself how valuable this platform can be. Now, we have a tendency to wish to stipulate for you the steps needed to register on Crypto revolt
1st, create a login at Crypto revolt. You may include your email address and your full name.
You'll conjointly would like to line up a password that is at least six characters but less than 10 characters. You wish your password to be unique in that it includes letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and unique symbols.
Next, you will be asked to produce your country of residence together with contact numbers.
Next, click the button that says “Start Currently.
It’s that easy. With simply some clicks of the mouse, you've got registered at Crypto revolt.
How to start out Trading with Crypto revolt
In order to trade, you wish to own money to trade with. Cash ought to be transferred to your broker account. We have a tendency to encourage you to take the time to become acquainted with the platform before you deposit cash. Once you understand the platform and are comfortable with it, you'll be able to decide on how you're going to form the deposit and the quantity that you're visiting deposit
The minimum quantity that you can deposit is $250. You'll deposit cash using money or cryptocurrencies. Several people deposit cryptocurrencies into the software since this is often what they will be trading i
Common sense dictates that the a lot of cash you put in, the a lot of profit you could make. But, the additional money that you place in, the bigger the risk you may face. This can be why we have a tendency to encourage 1st time traders to begin with a lower quantity. Once they develop confidence with the platform, they can begin to make their means up. Our recommendation is for brand new traders to start with a minimum of $250 and then slowly increase that quantity using the cash they earn from shopping for and selling their st
Once you're feeling that you have mastered the functionality of the platform, you'll to create the switch to live trade mode. You've got the option to decide on auto trading. Manual trading is on the market, but it's something that solely knowledgeable traders ought to do. Beginners could be in a position to form a profit with auto trading. As you bear this process, you'll to be able to see your minimum payouts and how much of your investment you wish to trade. Then, sit back and let the system do its job
Can I Use a Mobile App for Crypto revolt?
Unfortunately, there is not a mobile app out there for the software at now. However, if you have a good Web association and a functioning browser on your mobile device, you'll be able to easily navigate the system on your tablet, transportable, or computer.
Is Crypto revolt a Software Endorsed by Celebrities?
The short answer isn't any. You have got seemingly return across some hoax advertisement that claims that this platform has been endorsed by this celebrity or another. But, per the platform and in step with informative websites, this can be not true. Crypto revolt could be a solid company that doesn't have any kind of media or celebrity endorsements. Keep removed from gimmicky sites that make false claims like this
One amongst the false claims that keeps doping up is that Gordon Ramsay has recommended Crypto revolt. That’s not true. This can be fake news. Gordon Ramsay, nor any alternative celebrity, has been linked to the current plat

We have a tendency to wholeheartedly suggest this automated cryptocurrency trading robot. We tend to feel that it is sensible for both shopping for and selling. We suppose that this is the perfect platform for those who are new to the globe of crypto trading.
Though the software will not have the choice of making a demo account, the ability to determine the complete functionality of the platform previous to making a trade allows you to trade with data and confidence.
The entire platform is designed to be straightforward and simple. Everything from the registry and method all the way down to the actual trade is simple and clear-cut. You're able to withdrawal your money in around 24 hours.
Something that we tend to need to stress is that is a sensible plan to start trading with a small quantity of money. Even if you have traded before, keeping that balance of $250 prevents you from losing everything in the event that a market adjustment quickly goes against you.
Curry, it’s time for you to see what Crypto revolt is all regarding. Register nowadays and begin making
ow Quickly Can Profits Be Withdrawn?
A: Withdrawals happen among 24 hours.

Q: Is There a Limit on the Range of Trades I Will Do?
A: No, you will be able to position unlimited trades.
Q: How Abundant Time Do I Would like to Dedicate to Trading Every Single Day?
A: Most people are ready to adjust settings in their favor, using solely fifteen or 20 minutes each single da
Q: How Abundant Should I Expect to create with This Software?
A: The software claims you'll make up to $1,300 every day. But, like all things related to investing, the market dictates how much you'll build. You'll realize yourself creating a lot of than $one,300 daily, or you may realize yourself making less. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the platform and familiarize yourself with the cryptocurrency market. This will allow you to make choices that can best fit your investing vogue and needs.

Q: Is There a Guarantee That Trades Will Make Profits?
A: In trading, nothing is guaranteed. However, according to tests, the cryptocurrency bot was found to be correct and was found to make trades that were profitable for the trader around 90 % of the time.
Q: Are There Hidden Fees for Using This Software?
A: No. The software is completely 100 p.c free of commission. As you go through the applying process, you may learn more about how the software makes cash and how that impacts your ability to trade with it. All of their trades are clear and clear. There's no hidden agenda.
Here is our unbiased review of the Crypto revolt platform. As continually, we have a tendency to would love to hear from you. Have you worked with this platform before? What are the items that you have got enjoyed about it? What tweaks would you prefer to work out in the future? Please be happy to allow us to know in the comments section below.
Keep an eye fixed out for future posts on the topic. Until then, have a nice day.
Crypto revoltclaims that, as a Bitcoin trader, it can provide users with profits of up to $one,000 daily. However there’s additional. In keeping with its web site, the initial capital is solely $250. Their website conjointly says that their software has been designed to be user-friendly.

Anyone who spends time looking at cryptocurrency news knows that Bitcoin is extraordinarily volatile. In a very market like this, if a user does not act when the opportunity is true, they might lose their whole investment. This can be what made the thought of automated trading robots therefore widespread. Since 2017, this business has become a dominant force used by traders. Robots permit traders to create moves while not eager to manually input information
If you think you're reading one thing out of science fiction, you're not. The utilization of robots in cryptocurrency trading could be a reality.
14 BTC & 95,00zero Free Spins for each player, solely in mBitcasino’s Exotic Crypto Paradise! Play Currently

Many cryptocurrency trading robots create decisions based on automated algorithms using artificial intelligence. They have been designed to read profitable signals and then create trades for the users in an intelligent means. The concept is that users will easily build profits while not needing to place forth effort on their half. There are a selection of added features that build trading easier for the user. We are going to debate a number of these options soon in the article.
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Atari Token info-

Atari Token info-
Atari has been working on this behind the scenes for years in preparation.
Atari is now in the initial stages of release of the Atari Token project to tie in with the release of their upcoming new Atari VCS game console.
This will allow integration into games for ownership and transfer of digital assets with the ability to create or earn property in virtual worlds, cross platforms, through blockchain as well as E-sports, gambling, shopping, music and more.

Click this link to watch the Youtube video
CEO of Atari Talks Plans To Integrate Blockchain Into Atari's Games & The Launch of Atari Token
If you click the video here, it has no sound for some reason.

As Fred spoke about, people in many countries will be able to start 'working' online in virtual worlds and games to then take that created wealth back out to the real world to pay bills, rent, food. For many poor countries this will literally be a game changer.

Atari Token <-- main page to sign up (free)

Atari Token: Agreement with Exchange
Atari Token will have it's IEO in November
The strategy page talks about the Atari Payment network, the Atari Wallet, the Atari Exchange, the Atari Credit card.

Atari Token Telegram project chat room

Atari takes over Sports Betting <-- Coming soon!!!

Atari Partners with Ultra to Add Games, Communities, and Services to its Atari VCS Home Entertainment System

Atari Partners with WAX For NFTs, Joins Board Alongside Shatner and Marvel <--Article

Atari® Teams Up with Unikrn to Deliver Enhanced Shopping, Betting, and Gaming Functionality to Atari Token

Atari VCS <-- Will use the Atari Token, new Atari open video game console / pc hybrid
Runs linux, can run windows, AMD Ryzen R1606G chip, can upgrade the RAM & SSD, wi-fi, bluetooth, can use a keyboard, mouse and more.

Atari announces the Atari Credit Card - using Cryptocurrency

Ties in with their payment system and token.
From page 8-
Atari Credit Card- One of the most interesting features of the Atari Omni Wallet is the ability to make payments with crypto-currencies through the Atari Credit Card. In this way, you can use crypto-currencies with parties that generally only accept fiat currencies

On June 3rd, 2020, Atari Inc., and Group LLc., signed into a strategic partnership agreement with each other.This opens up the entire Atari eco-system to LightForms and LightForge technology for use in Atari mobile applications and the new Atari VCS console. Reference-

Atari partners with Litecoin Foundation <-- Article.
Allows the Atari Token to be purchased with LTC. Prior to this, it had to use BTC or ETH. Soon will use ERP, fiat currency from several countries and more. LTC users can purchase an Atari VCS for a discount.

Atari partners with Innovative PC Video Game Marketplace Robot Cache to Support the Buying and Reselling of Digital Games Using Atari Token

The Sandbox Game <-- Will feature Atari properties and games using the Atari Token. One of the key features of our gaming platform is the possibility to create an ASSET from scratch (using VoxEdit), upload it to the marketplace and then monetize it into the blockchain.

Great article explaining -> What is The Sandbox Game?

Expansion of the Animoca partnership and Atari Token / Blockchain / VCS use cases- globally!

Animoca Brands and Atari strengthen partnership via REVV and ATRI Token Swaps
In addition to the existing areas of collaboration between the two companies, Atari’s classic motorsport video game properties Night Driver and Fatal Run will be included in Animoca Brands’ REVV ecosystem, with details to be provided at a later date.

Atari Teams Up with Native Gaming to Integrate Upcoming Atari Token in Native’s New MMORPG <- Article

Atari partners w/ Arkane Network to integrate the Atari Token across the digital entertainment ecosystem <-- Article
Allows developers to easily integrate the token into games and projects.

Atari and Wonder join forces on cross-platform gaming <-Article
WonderOS technology was designed to unify mobile, console, and PC gaming experiences, offering an ecosystem that gives access to multi-platform games, entertainment apps, and streaming services — locally or through the cloud.

The Atari Token can be staked- 3 month for 3%, 6 month for 6.5% or converted to the Atari Coin which is a Stable Coin.

And don't forget to keep an eye on the Atari Hotels project
Atari Hotels has so far sponsored three race vehicles- a desert race truck, a Nascar truck, and a Ferrari race car.

Atari's U.S. OTC stock ticker is- PONGF

The Atari Exchange

Atari Casino <-- coming soon

And again the Atari Token sign up page (free)

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*8 in1 Coins - Special Gift to raise Capital & for Start-ups!!!*

*8 in1 Coins - Special Gift to raise Capital & for Start-ups!!!*
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7). BitMiner Robot is a fully automatic mining bot.
The simplest way to mine BTC. Click.
You're already mining!
8) Free to join
JOIN KHP CONNECT QUIZ COMPETITION | Start Making Money While You Are On Social Media | Earn ₦100,000 Every Month | All You Need Is Your Phone | Answer Questions About Sports, Earn ₦10,000| Entertainment, Earn ₦10,000 | Business, Earn ₦10,000 | Fashion, Earn ₦10,000 | It Is Free To Join | Get ₦10,000 Welcome Bonus.
Act now, before it's too late. You will thank me later Click for more information
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Ganancias extra desde casa

¡Saludos! Vengo a contarles una forma de generar ganancias desde la comodidad de tu casa, antes de comenzar quiero aclarar que las cantidades que puedas sacar del método que explicare a continuación dependerá de que tanto tiempo y dedicación vayas a invertir. La forma en la que ganaremos dinero a través de internet serán las ptc (paid to click), para aquellos que no lo sepan las ptc son páginas que te pagan dólares por compartir y ver publicidad, sin embargo no todas son confiables por lo que he decidido centrarme únicamente en paidverts, lleva pagando desde el 2014 por lo que puedes estar tranquilo con el dinero que generes, no estarás perdiendo el tiempo. Antes de comenzar a generar dinero en esta página necesitamos un sitio donde depositar el capital, recomiendo Payza, OKPAY o un monedero de coinbase(si tu intención es reunir bitcoins). Aunque podrás utilizar también monederos como Perfect Money, Payeer , solid trust pay y neteller. Link de registro Payza (para guardar dólares) : ¿Cómo registrarse en Payza: 1-Cuando estés en la página de Payza clickea en Sign in 2- En la parte superior aparece “Select your country” (selecciona tu país) 3- Una vez seleccionado el país tendremos que elegir entre una cuenta personal o business (negocios), damos click en select 4- Rellenamos el formulario *Salutation= pseudónimo *first name= primer nombre *Last name= Apellido *Email address: correo electrónico *password: contraseña (esta debe contener por lo menos una letra mayúscula y un signo de puntuación o símbolo) 5- Clickeamos en “get stared” 6- Ve al correo electrónico con el que registraste tu cuenta, abre el mensaje de payza y da click donde dice “validate my email” una vez hecho esto ya nuestra cuenta de payza estará validada.
Link de registro OKPAY (para guardar dólares): 1- Cuando estés en la página de Okpay da click en registrar 2- Aparecerá un formulario donde debes elegir si tu cuenta es de propiedad personal o compañía además de pedir también algunos datos personales, cuando hayas terminado da click en “aceptar y crear cuanta” 3- nos dirigimos al correo con el que hayamos registrado la cuenta y abrimos el mensaje de okpay, damos click en el link de activación y ya estaremos validados. Link de registro Coinbase (para guardar bitcoins): 1- Cuando estés en la página de coinbase da click en registrar 2- Aparecerá el formulario que pide algunos de tus datos personales, una vez completado debes aceptar el contrato de usuario y política de privacidad para posteriormente dar click en registrar 3- da click en la opción que aparece “verificar dirección de correo electrónico” una vez hecho podrás ingresar a coinbase 4- Una vez dentro de la página busca donde dice cuentas y encontraras dos: BTC WALLET y BTC Vault, la primera es tu cuenta principal y allí será donde guardes tus bitcoins, a la derecha de la cuenta principal veras dos opciones, da click en: obtener dirección bitcoin, aparecerá un código de barras en la pantalla y en la parte inferior una dirección (esta es la dirección que utilizaras en paidverts en caso de que quieras cobrar en bitcoins).
Una vez hayas elegido el procesador de pago de tu preferencia tendrás que registrarte en paidverts. Link de registro paidverts (es de crucial importancia que el correo que registres sea el mismo del monedero que vayas a utilizar):
¿Cómo registrarte? Cuando estés en la página dirígete hacia la parte superior izquierda y clickea la opción “register” (registro), aparecerán una serie de datos que debes llenar Username: nombre usuario Email: Password: contraseña Confirm password: confirmar contraseña Sex: selecciona si eres hombre o mujer Date of birth: fecha de nacimiento, es muy importante ya que con ella podrás solicitar tu pago Confirm Date of birth: confirmar fecha de nacimiento Confirm that I was referred by….. (Seleccionas la casilla) y das click en “open account”
Para ingresar nos vamos a la parte superior izquierda y clickeamos en “login” Aparecen dos líneas, en la primera ira tu correo electrónico y en la segunda tu contraseña, verifica que no eres un robot resolviendo la capcha y luego das click en “signin”
Comenzare siendo honesto contigo, al principio la página da la sensación de ser una pérdida de tiempo, para los nuevos las ganancias diarias serán bastante reducidas, sin embargo esto puede cambiar a medida que vayamos reinvirtiendo las ganancias; lo primero que debemos saber es que la pagina trabaja con un sistema de grupos donde establece la condiciones que debes tener para ubicarte en uno de esos grupos.
En paidverts nos encontraremos con dos tipos de cantidades: los baps y los dólares
¿Qué son los baps? Son una especia de moneda ficticia que la página te regala diariamente, esta moneda no puede cobrarse y su única función es de intercambiarse por dólares, anteriormente hablamos de los grupos de la página y precisamente son los baps quienes determinan nuestro grupo, a mayor cantidad de baps mayor cantidad de ingresos. La tabla de niveles es la siguiente: Group 0 ........ 100 a 1600 BAPS Group 1 ........ 1600 a 12000 BAPS Group 2 ........ 12000 a 24000 BAPS Group 3 ........ 24k a 48k BAPS Group 4 ........ 48k a 96k BAPS Group 5 ........ 96k a 180k BAPS Group 6 ........ 180k a 360k BAPS Group 7 ........ 360k a 720k BAPS Group 8 ........ 720k a 1.5m BAPS Group 9 ........ 1.5m a 3m BAPS Group 10 ....... 3m a 6m BAPS Group 11 ....... 6m a 20m BAPS Group 12 ....... 20,000,000+ BAPS Group 13 ....... 50,000,000+ BAPS Group 14 ....... 100,000,000+ BAPS Group 15 ....... 500,000,000+ BAPS Nuestro objetivo obviamente será subir de nivel para obtener ganancias más grandes, al comienzo estaremos en el nivel cero. ¿Cómo ver los anuncios? Nos dirigimos a la casilla que dice “paid ads” (anuncios pagados), nos encontraremos con anuncios baps o anuncios con valor monetario, damos click en view ad o view activation ad, luego de esto aparecerán 3 líneas en blanco con un texto arriba, esto es para confirmar que eres una persona y no un robot, si te fijas en la esquina derecha de los textos veras una pequeña hoja, dale click a ella y el texto se copiara automáticamente en la línea en blanco, repite este proceso en las tres líneas, después darás click en “proceed to advertisers website” posteriormente se abrirá una nueva pestaña con el website que el anuncio está patrocinando, veras un contador en la parte superior derecha luego de que el contador llegue a cero aparecerán unas figuras donde debes seleccionar la que se te indique, das click sobre la figura y luego en “confirm” (confirmar), una vez realizados todos los pasos se te acreditara tu saldo. ¿Cómo subir de grupo? Lo primero que debemos hacer será ver nuestros anuncios diarios, al principio deberías tener 8 anuncios con un valor de 25 o 22 basp cada uno, los anuncios baps siempre llegan por la noche así que no te olvides de verlos todos, al terminar esta tarea deberás esperar al día siguiente donde los baps se habrán intercambiado por dólares, esta vez serán anuncios con valores que van de 0,0001$ a 0,01$, lo sé, es muy poco pero el comienzo siempre es duro, una vez tengamos clara la dinámica repetiremos este proceso día tras día, tu progreso aunque lento será constante; cuando hayas llegado a la cantidad de 1$ reinvertiremos nuestra ganancia. ¿Cómo hacerlo? Mediante campañas, nos dirigiremos a la parte donde dice: “My ad campaigns”, nos aparecerá una opción que dice “create new Ad campaign” (crear nueva campaña de anuncio), luego de haber dado click a la opción nos encontraremos con las distintas opciones, recomiendo la segunda “bulk ads”, damos click en créate campaign y posteriormente comenzaremos a llenar los recuadros de la página que estemos promocionando. 1. Enter the website URL you'd like to promote: aquí debe ir el link de la página que hayas decidido promocionar, después de haberlo colocado damos click en la opción “verify” (verificar) que se encuentra a la derecha.
  1. Upload your 125*125 Banner Image
  2. Upload your 72890 or 46860 Banner Image: tanto el Segundo con el tercer apartado serán para subir imagines o banner de la página promocionada, si decides subir imágenes da click en “upload image file” (cargar archivo de imagen). Tendrás que haber guardado previamente las imágenes en tu computador. Si no quieres subir imágenes de dale click a la opción “opt” “out”(optar por no).
  3. Enter three lines of text about your business: En esta parte debemos introducir 3 líneas de texto respecto a la página que estamos promocionando, aprovecha de colocar las virtudes y potencialidades que hagan llamativa a la página.
  4. Choose advertising visit time: en esta zona elegiremos el tiempo de duración de nuestro anuncio publicitario, por defecto debe estar colocado en “5 seconds – no extra fee (1$ per ad pack), sin embargo puede cambiarse para que el anuncio dure 15 o 30 segundos (esto te costara una pequeña comisión).
  5. Forced ad view: aquí podras seleccionar es una vista de anuncio forzada, por lo que tendrás más posibilidades de que vean tu campaña sin embargo esto agrega 0.25$ al costo de tu campaña, personalmente prefiero dejar esa opción sin seleccionar, si quieres seleccionarla da click donde dice: $0.005 per view ($0.25 extra per bulk ad pack).
  6. Enter your payment method: aquí debemos seleccionar el método de pago para nuestra campaña, da click a “please select a payment method”, se desplegara una lista de opciones con las que puedes pagar, generalmente pagaremos con el dinero reunido hasta el momento así que selecciona “PV earnings balance, donde debe estar 1$ que has reunido.
  7. Quantity Selection: aquí es donde seleccionamos la cantidad de campañas que queremos comprar, cada campaña te costara 1$ si no has decidido colocar mayor tiempo en los anuncios ni seleccionado la visita de anuncio forzada, nos dirigimos al final y seleccionamos “I am fully aware that I am willingly purchasing an intangible product/service - advertising on PaidVerts, which will be delivered per PaidVerts” (Soy plenamente consciente de que estoy dispuesto a comprar un producto intangible / servicio - publicidad en PaidVerts, que se entregarán por PaidVerts) Seguido de esto damos click en “purchase ads” (compra de anuncios). Y listo, ya habremos comprado nuestra primera campaña, dirígete a “paid ads” y veras como ha incrementado el número de baps, con esta primera reinversión nos colocaremos en el grupo 1 (1600 a 12000 BAPS). Repetiremos este proceso hasta haber alcanzado el grupo 3 (24k a 48k BAPS), una vez aquí habrás notado como aumentaron las ganancias diarias, nuestro siguiente paso será comprar el “ad filter”. ¿Por qué comprar el ad filter? Con el ad filter (filtro de anuncios) llegaran a nuestra cuenta anuncios con valores altos, sé que es tedioso ver 20 anuncios de valores bajos, es por ello que si quieres desacerté esos molestos anuncios debes comprar el ad filter. ¿Cómo funciona? Hay distintas condiciones para el ad filter Si quieres que el anuncio de valor más bajo sea 0.01$, debes pagar 10$ y tener 50000 baps en tu cuenta Si quieres que el anuncio de valor más bajo sea 0.05$ debes pagar 10$ y tener 100000 baps como mínimo Si quieres que el anuncio de valor más bajo sea 0.10$ debes pagar 10$ y tener 200000 baps como mínimo. Su función es simple, solo enviaran a tu cuenta anuncios iguales o mayores al valor que has marcado como mínimo. ¿Cómo comprar el ad filter? Dirígete a la parte superior del sitio, en la esquina izquierda veras su nombre “PAIDVERTS” un poco más a la derecha estará la palabra “home” (casa) clickea allí y ve a la parte de abajo, veras información sobre tu cuenta, busca la oración: “Have you blocked low value ads with our ad filter?”- (¿Ha bloqueado anuncios de bajo valor con nuestro filtro de anuncios?), al lado de la frase veras un “NO” con una X en rojo, selecciona la opción “Buy 10.00$ ad filter”, encontraras un texto y debajo de el una pregunta: “What is the minimum value paid ads you'd like to receive?”-( ¿Cuáles son los anuncios de valor mínimo que desea recibir?), aquí es donde seleccionaras según la cantidad de baps que tengas el valor mínimo de cada anuncio, por defecto el valor debe estar puesto en 0,0005; una vez que hayas ajustado el valor clickea donde dice “please select a payment method” seleccionas tu balance (en el que debes tener 10$) y luego das click en “pay 10.00$”. Otras maneras de ganar dinero: Paidverts posee un sistema de referidos ¿Qué son los referidos? Son personas que se han registrado con tu link y por consecuencia generan dinero en tu cuenta con sus operaciones, a ellos no se les desacredita ningún monto monetario, simplemente la página te pagara un comisión por las ganancias que ellos generen. Para buscar referidos debes promocionar tu link de referido, pues encontrar el link en la casilla que dice “refer friends”, allí aparece “your referal links” (tu link de referido), si logras que una persona se registre con ese link automáticamente será tu referido. No puedes promocionar tu link de referido en paidverts, la pagina no permite promocionarse a sí misma, otra cosa con la que debes tener cuidado es al momento en que tu referido decida registrarse, recuérdale dejar seleccionada la casilla que dice “Confirm that I was referred by(tu nombre de usuario).” Click grid: Es una casilla ubicada debajo de “paid ads”, aquí podras ganar algunos centavos o baps jugando, aparecerá una imagen llena de recuadros donde deberás seleccionar 1 por 1 al azar, se abrirá un anuncio que debes resolver para que te diga si has ganado algo o si fue un intento fallido, tienes 20 oportunidades en este juego. Una vez conseguidos todos los objetivos propuestos cobraremos nuestro dinero, recomiendo cobrar el 25% de las ganancias y reinvertir el resto, esto con el fin de mantenernos estables en la página, Paidverts te dejara cobrar a partir de los 2$. ¿Cómo cobrar? Nos vamos a la casilla de “cashout earnings” (retirar ganancias), fijémonos en la sección que dice: “Fund Your Account Balance Using A New Deposit Method”, aquí daremos click en select del procesador de pago que decidamos utilizar, aparecerán dos líneas donde debes colocar el correo electrónico asociado a ese procesador de pago, luego clickea en “send” y ya tendrás disponible ese procesador para hacer tus transacciones, regresamos a cashout earnings, aquí podemos observar del lado izquierdo todos los procesadores de pago de los que dispone la página, a la derecha nos encontramos con un recuadro que contiene las siguientes opciones: Transfer from (transferir desde): aquí debes dejar seleccionado tu balance (PV Earnings Balance) Amount (monto): es la cantidad de dinero que deseas transferir Transfer to (transferir a) : aquí debes seleccionar el procesador de pago al que quieres realizar el deposito Date of birth: coloca tu fecha de cumpleaños para completar la transacción, por ultimo damos click en “submit” Notaras en la parte izquierda como ha sido acreditado el dinero en el procesador de pago que elegiste, luego de esto solo debe presionar “cashout” Aparecerá un formulario con detalles del depósito, fíjate en la línea que dice amount, aquí podrás colocar la cantidad que deseas retirar o retirarlo todo y debajo de esta línea nuevamente aparecerá “date of birth” (fecha de nacimiento), una vez llenados estos campos da click en submit y habras terminado con el cobro. Los pagos tardan máximo 1 semana, en caso de que llegue una cantidad un poco menor de la que has cobrado recuerda que las páginas cobran comisiones por estos retiros, a excepción de Okpay. Esto es lo más básico respecto a la página y mi estrategia, si estas interesado te agradecería que te registraras con mi link de referido y de tener alguna escríbeme un mensaje, con esto no pretendas volverte millonario de un día para otro, lleva bastante tiempo lograr la estabilidad pero pienso que vale la pena intentarlo, solo te quitara unos 30 minutos diarios y es una forma bastante cómoda de generar ingresos. ¡Ánimos! Te deseo suerte en tu intento.
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[Table] IAmA: We are Adam, Mike, Ryan, Angelo and Ken of Vault of Satoshi (Canadian Bitcoin Exchange) AUA! And Raise Money for Cancer Research!

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Date: 2014-04-08
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How does your company plan on staying competitive with other local exchanges coming out? Any plans on making an app? The company was started by Mike and Ryan, crypto-enthusiasts who saw problems in the marketplace when dealing in cryptos. They wanted an exchange that had a strong support team, legal visibility, operated somewhere where you could trust your money and had strong security - so in short they built it! We expect really big things for VoS and do indeed intend to be competitive with other exchanges, and yes, that does include building an app - we're currently exploring options in that field but we feel it crucial to take our time in doing that and put security first.
Why is it important for bitcoin companies to donate to charities? Or people to donate with cryptocurrency? Just wanna say thanks for being in the btc community and helping it grow and spread it around. Is there a lot of pressure on you now that you got your MSB? Any pressure from banks or government on how to behave? As for Charity we just feel its the right thing to do, I've always been a strong supporter of charities in my daily life and I brought that forward to VoS and the team agreed it made sense to gather up some funds for the Canadian Cancer Society given that April is their big fundraising month. On a grander scale I think it's important for cryptocurrencies to play a positive role in the world, let people know what we are all about, there is a lot of negative stigma about cryptos, some people say it's just kids "printing money", but it's a lot harder to say that when you're positively changing the world!
There's not any more pressure on us now than there was before - in fact I would say the MSB has taken some of the pressure off. We instead hold ourselves to the same laws and scrutiny as any financial institution would have to, and we feel this is best for our users and this sector as a whole. Getting the MSB let us know we had done everything right so far, and being in a new and evolving industry it's not always too clear if you're taking the right steps. The MSB is a checkmark that says "Hey you guys are as legitimate as you say you are" and we'll continue to hold ourselves to what ever rigorous standards we can (even when we don't need too). As far as external entities like Banks and Government - I think they are happy to see we have our MSB, I think it makes them more comfortable with the field in general and more willing to work with us. We recently met with our Member of Provincial Parliament and are setting up meetings with our Member of Parliament, and our Minister of Finance so they can see our operation here! The MPP certainly loved what we've got going!
That was a fast reply. Thanks for the response, you guys always been good with customer service :p . And thats great Mike and Ryan stepped up to be the ones to do it, it's a really much needed addition to the Toronto bitcoin scene. Oh man if Timmies was a payment I don't think Canada would need cryptocurrencies at all! Timbits everywhere! We love Tim Hortons - we usually start our Monday's with group coffee and donuts! So we are never opposed Timmies if you are dropping by for a visit :P (Compliance disclaimer: Timmies is not a valid payment method, just a staple at all Canadian meetings)
We also feel the importance of charities, especially with the nature of the bitcoin community always being a giving one. I hope you guys see good results n help the bitcoin image. We want to come visit you guys sometime, do you accept Tim Hortons as payment? :p.
The charity that you are donating to, do they accept btc or will you be converting it to fiat? We'll be convert it to Fiat.
Any plans on an Android app? We are looking into this, no formal timeline, but we're certainly exploring it!
It would be great if the volume would increase, can you comment on what is the strategy for getting more costumers? We are actually making a big push this spring in regards to our volume, including launching a highly competitive affiliates program that expect will grow our volume a great deal.
Any chance on improving the charts? (Or being included in bitcoinwisdom) We're always happy to take feedback on our charts, let us know what you want to see! As for Bitcoinwisdom, we've reached out to them multiple times, and added all the API support they need - just waiting on them to hopefully add us!
It currently takes ~3 days to get funds added to the balance, I presume that is mostly for security and because banks suck, are there plans to reduce this waiting time? We're looking at adding instant online debit transactions, no formal timeline on that yet but we are sure it will be great for our customers!
Glad SonOfAragon asked those questions so I don't end up repeating them and thanks for your reply Adam. However can you give us an idea of when you plan to launch the affiliates program/make the big push? If I sign up for an account, I'd probably want to beat the rush. We're actively working towards our affiliate program and our intention is to have it sometime this spring!
As someone who is completely ignorant of all things internet currency. can you please tell me how a beginner would go about getting into investing? (Lets say I have $10k of disposable income currently, would you suggest investing it all in bitcoin?) Hey Buildingdreams4,
That's a pretty hard question to answer, and so I can't give you an official Vault of Satoshi answer but I can give you a personal opinion. So please note this is my two cents and nothing VoS official.
Personally I have some experience in day trading and that's the best way to make money in such markets - however that's the kind of situation where you have to take risks, actively watch the market and only ever trade with what you have to lose (not only to avoid loss but also to make sure you are willing to take the level of risk needed to make strong returns.) I'd highly recommend learning about Forex trading before you dive into this.
That being said the Bitcoin community still feels strongly that their currency value will rise, subject to merchant adoption, legal/political landscapes and a number of other factors but I can't really comment on that as it is a real challenge to predict; there is also a great deal of merit to a number of altcoins with unique value - but just make sure you research and make informed decisions. Don't take anyone's advice at face value (mine included) research and invest where you feel comfortable.
What does vault think about VOS bitcoin atms? What can we do as customers to help you guys make this site better? As far as what customers can do - simply share the love! Tell your friends about VoS and always feel free to reach out to is with what you want to see on our site.
What about a physical location for vault deposits and verifications? We are currently examining new infrastructure opportunities that would allow us to accept physical deposits in more locations and we hope to have more information about that soon!
How does your reporting with with CRA? As for the CRA reporting I'm not sure what your exact question is, but as a registered business we report to the CRA in a typical fashion.
Is there any way to shorten deposit times? I'm super impressed that I can pay you like a bill directly from my bank account, but I'm bummed about how long it takes. If I send money to my vos account on a Thursday, I may not see those funds until Monday or Tuesday. If the exchange is open for trading on weekends, how about processing deposits as well? Hey Jay.
Also, what is done with the confidential info people upload to become verified? is it deleted? if it's kept on file, is access to it restricted to certain employees? We're currently working on a system that will allow immediate deposits via online debit! No formal time line yet but that will indeed make things much quicker!
Keep up the good work! Thank you. As for confidential information, if you have ever made a financial transaction on our website then we are required by law to keep a copy of that information. We take this responsibility very seriously, this information is encrypted and stored securely and is most certainly restricted access!
That's cool! Awesomesauce! I'm looking forward to it! Do you know if it will be limited like QuickBT (.2 BTC) or if there is some kind of daily limit? Also: when trading doge to btc I swear it took me half an hour to figure exactly how many doge I could buy with my btc including the fee. And I did it all wrong. I still have like .00066 btc left in my account which I guess is forfeit to the ether... Is there any way to put a helpful calculator on that page that figures it out for you??? As for your other question, as Xangelo said, we are working on improving the layout of our coin to coin system to make it less complicated. Being one of the first major exchanges to offer any coin to any coin means there is going to have to be some tweaking while we find out what the marketplace likes! But we're always open to feedback!
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses? Please elaborate. Feel free to answer individually. If there is anything that years of video game playing has taught me it's always pick the bigger monster over a ton of little ones! A hundred duck sized horses could quite quickly surround and nip and kick from all angles. Where as I feel that whilst a horse-sized duck would be absolutely terrifying my odds are better as I can always keep it in front of me (and perhaps distract it with breadcrumbs)
Also do you guys have any plans to change the buy/sell mechanic? I find its way too easy to accidentally make a buy order when you meant to make a sell order. As for the buy/sell mechanic it is something we are actively implementing and expect to launch in a couple weeks! Will make it easier to keep that straight!
My question: To be honest I've been using CaVirtex.How* would you say yours is better? We stand by our service as we are sure they do theirs, but at the end of the day it's about what better suits your needs. At the end of the day competition makes the market better for everybody!
Specifically, I would like to know what the nature of their cooperation and level of engagement is. Do they provide VoS with the absolute minimum of services as they would with any other business? Are they accommodative to specific VoS needs and requests related to crypto-currency specific challenges? Are they mutually active in developing services and infrastructure to support VoS/crypto-currencies? Are they taking a leading role in facilitating the necessary changes to support this new industry and growing public demand? Are you provided with a liaison to facilitate a closer working relationship? That being said when we did work with them they were fantastic, very supportive, and loved our business; the local branch went to some great lengths to help with our unique challenges and we certainly hope we can work with them again in the future.
Thanks for the reply! I feared as much having read about Cointrader in Vancouver being cut off by BMO in February. If I can follow up, how are your banking needs currently being met? We're currently actually streamlining our financials and will have more announcements on this soon. New partnerships are opening up doors to new payment methods and currencies and we're excited about that.
Are you planning to offer other services with altcoins? or you want to keep it solely as an exchange? We are exploring services beyond just exchange services - but we have no formal timelines on them yet! We'll be sure to let folks know!
Are you operating a full or fractional reserve and how much liquidity do you have available if tomorrow all clients wanted to withdraw all their funds? We are a full reserve exchange. We do have our holdings divided between our hot and cold wallets and top our hot wallet as it gets low. But we do have all the BTC we claim to and are actively working on a Proof of Solvency tool to verify this to users.
Which altcoins do you see as strongest going forward? Anything that has a unique value proposition and a strong community has the ability to go places but it's pretty hard to gauge these in advanced. We expect great things from the coins we've added/intend to add over the next month, which have all been announced.
Good to know Yubikey's available, thanks xangelo. Maybe one of your execs can chime in on the qualifications needed to join your verification team but that has me wondering...if a customer opens an account with VoS, can they still be hired, then close their account of course, or is that an automatic disqualification? By the way I didn't see a careers section on your site, are there plans for that once volume and I guess revenue increase? Just because you have an account with us, does not mean that you would be barred from applying for a job.
Currently we don't have any openings but when we do we'll be posting them to our website and all current positions would be located at our Brantford office.
Our verification system was designed by our exec team and our compliance officer and aided by our legal team; and our support staff handle the verifications. (Wasn't sure what you meant by "verification team") as for requirements for any opening, we'll be sure to post them with up coming jobs! Thanks for your inquiry though!
Thanks for clearing that up, I appreciate your thoroughness. Yes sorry, I was just speaking about FinCen to someone else before replying to this. I did mean Fintrac and I've edited the post!
I don't want to draw this exchange out too much but what puzzles me is your statement about FinCen compliance. If you're currently not accepting US customers, why would FinCEN compliance even be relevant? Let's say a customer lives in Canada. Wouldn't you simply have to comply with FINTRAC regulations, seeing as that's an a Canadian agency? And one other thing. Does Vos report transaction details to the CRA to meet fiscal obligations? As for CRA reporting I can not comment on that, however we follow all legal requirements of a financial institution dealing with proper reporting.
How does the US IRS deal effect things on your end? did this announcement open the door back up for USD wire transfers? The IRS statement actually doesn't change to much for us, FinCEN and other entities still consider it as currency - we're still actively looking into US options and moving forward on some with our legal team.
Do you see cryptocurrency status changing in Canada as a result of the US ruling? Do you have any indication of the direction that the bureaucrats will take? We have met with our Member of Provincial Parliament, are meeting with our Member of Parliament and are having a meeting with the Minister of Finance arranged to continue to advocate on behalf of cryptocurrency in Canada.
From everything we've been hearing, we're optimistic about Canada's role in the future of Cryptocurrency, people have been very forward thinking and accepting here!
Disapointed you're getting ride of the free cash-out by cheque. And do you plan to have some sort of automated EFT withdraw ? you allready have my bank account into. Write now it would seem simpler to move my BTC to cavirtex when I'm ready to make a withdraw to my bank account, as I can do it from the website. What am I missing here ? thanks. We are rolling out a number of new payment methods shortly that will make withdrawals easier for our clients.
Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA. You were my first exchange, and gave me a warm welcome to the world of Cryptocurrency (free trading through Reddit promo, invited me for Doge cake) I've actually had the pleasure of talking to some reps from the MintChip program - we kept a careful eye on it but I know that the Mint is selling it off to private enterprise. While it is in a different space from us we are always looking at the evolving landscape of digital money and what can be done to promote that in Canada.
I was going to ask about your stance on MintChip, the Canadian government's digital currency program, but I just read they were looking to sell it off! Has there been any interest at Vault of Satoshi about this technology? While I don't think there is any direct partnership opportunities at this time it is always something on our radar and I think that MintChip was an interesting hardware development and it was great to see a federal institution being so forward thinking!
Can you tell us when and if you'll be able to operate as an exchange with USD? We currently do accept USD, we just can't accept it from US citizens or institutions.
That being said we are glad to announce we have identified our US re-entry strategy and are moving forward to launching in a few states first. We have no formal timeline on this yet, but it's a big step in the right direction.
Quick question, if in the future I choose to close my account with VOS, will all my info and history also be deleted from your servers? As per government regulations if you have ever made a financial transaction we are required to keep your information on file for seven years.
If you have not made a financial transaction you may email us with a request to delete your information. Please note that the request will be kept on file.
Hey guys, Are there plans to incorporate google authenticator? Thanks and keep up the good work! User we already support Google Authenticator, YubiKey, SMS, and Email for 2FA and will be adding Authy and Gemalto soon!
Is your $99 per month Unlimited Plan in USD or CAD? Please state it on your website. It is currently billed in USD as that's more widely accepted with our international audience.
When will Darkcoin, Worldcoin, Mintcoin, Cryptogenic Bullion, and Maxcoin be added? Those coins will be added in the next few weeks! We're pretty excited about that!
Hi there! I have a level 2 VOS account. I'm not really comfortable filling out the form for level 3. Currently I have to use QuickBT or an ATM to get BTC - which sometimes I turn into DOGE. (THANK YOU FOR ADDING BTC<->DOGE! you guys are lifesavers!!) We're actually working on adding an instant online Interac payment system, still no formal timeline but it's in the works. As for email transfers from BMO, BMO has come out and said they aren't working with businesses that operate in cryptocurrencies and so we can't accept funds from them on anything that would require us to have a BMO account or registration there. But, we can accept Pre-authorized debit and wire transfers from accounts there! Also feel free to email me about any concerns you may have about the level 3 account and I'll see if can't reassure you! ([email protected])
Just wondering why there is no support for an Email Transfer from BMO. Or online Interac payment, as that's the only reason I use QuickBT.
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck sized horse. I prefer horse sized ducks! What a kamikaze!
Don't be so sure. YES! Take that Angelo! Horsefish!
'disabled login' Another word, the exchange is down. I've been trying to login and access my funds for the past 5 hours. We're back up now!
No need to be alarmed though people; this is just a result of VoS being pro-active with patching up the latest SSL security bug (heartbleed). Ah yes, that is indeed a side-effect of the patch. While our systems weren't directly effected a load balance server hosted by Amazon would have been so to be better safe than sorry we've got them patching it and we are rolling over to new SSL certs! Always better safe than sorry!
I can see your exchange being the top exchange in Canada. Great work! I will come up to brantford one day after my exams and bring you guys some timmies, depending on the weather it could be coffee or ice caps, or just let me know ha :) As for the UI we're currently giving it an overhaul on our internal servers and hope to have more info on that soon!
I know it's not much but I just sent 6000 Dogecoins :) Every bit helps :)
Whats the yearly revenue and profit of your company? Sorry, as a private company we are going to abstain from answering that one - but even if we wanted too, we couldn't; we've only been around for six months so far!
Last updated: 2014-04-12 19:27 UTC
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